Do you pee in the shower?

Come on, admit it.

I do.

OK, who wants to go next?

Occasionally. Like, only if I forgot to go before getting into the shower and I know I won’t be able to hold it.

I’m dirty, dirty boy. :frowning:

I did a few times, long ago, until I started to wonder where the water went and how it got treated. Sewage water and gray water don’t get treated the same.

We had a septic tank at the time, and the gray water just sort of seeped back into the groundwater. (No city sewer or city-run storm drains or anything.)

And there was a community well, with pump.

And then I thought… eww.

And stopped doing it.

No. One kid in our squadron in boot camp pissed in the shower while everyone else was taking a shower too. Yes, I know piss is sterile, yes I know it’s such a huge problem showering up and walking fifteen feet to the toilet :rolleyes:, but you can still scrub the whole shower down on all fours, asshat.

Q: Do you pee in the shower?

A: Am I alone or with someone?

Q: Do you pee in the shower?

A: Am I in the shower or is someone else?

Peeing in the shower: Okay
While you’re not in it: Not okay
And someone else is: Bad! Bad! Very bad! :smiley:

Yeah I pee in the shower. I have had my wife pee in the shower while I was in it. I have also had her vomit in the shower while I was holding her drunken arse upright!

Apparently not only is love blind, it has no sense of smell.

:smiley: Yes, but it’s no fun when I’m alone.

I don’t think separation is typical of modern home sanitary installations, nor is it allowed by most codes. In my case, all sewer water goes the same place – the septic tank. In cities, it all goes the same place – the city sewage system.

So where do you think the wild animals pee and the birds poop?

So where do you think the septic tank’s effluent drains? To the same ground that the pump works from. The only thing that makes that system work is the distance (vertical & horizontal), the filtration naturally provided between out and in, and the bacteriological processing.

Maybe you need to think “risk analysis”.

Yep. When I’m showering alone or when I’m showering with my husband.

If I were showering with strangers, though, I’d hold it until I got out.

Perfect. My answer exactly.

Absolutely, sometimes preemptively.

They aren’t treated differently where I come from. In the imortal words of George Costanza, “It’s all pipes.”

Me either. Short of setting up your own special grey water removal from your own home, I’ve never seen a ‘double’ system. One for waste and one for grey water. Do any communities do this?

TMI follows.

I read on the Dope one time that if you have athletes foot, peeing on your feet can actually help it. I do get athletes foot and I do think it helps it.

I use the bathroom in the shower. (You have to smash the chunky bits down with your heel.)

And it’s all in the dilution, too. Think about it – a typical shower uses from 1-3 gals per minute; assuming a 5-minute shower, and 2-4 oz of urine which is mostly water anyway, uh, multiply the 5, carry the 1…anyway, it’s pretty diluted. Doubtful if it would do your foot much good or the sewer much harm.

Sure I pee in the shower. Not out of habit, but when the urge strikes, rather then dry off, urinate, and then resume the shower, I just aim for the drain. I also ensure that if I masturbate in the shower, I kick it down the drain.

Sgt Schwartz

Sounds like you lead a more exciting life than I! :wink: