Do you pee in the shower?

Just what the title says. If you strongly prefer not to and generally don’t except for the occasional extenuating circumstances, that counts as a “no.” If you kinda prefer not to but generally won’t get out of the shower to use the toilet, that counts as a “yes.”

Huh. So far I’m the only “no.” I don’t really think it’s disgusting, though. I just don’t see any reason to do it. My toilet is right next to my bathtub, so if I have to pee, I do it before I get in the shower.

Maybe I’m the only woman who has voted so far. I think it’s easier for men to pee in the shower than it is for women.

Fuck no. Who pees in the shower? Do you also piss in the sink? I mean, it’s just a drain. It’d be silly not to, right?

Pissing in the shower? Seriously?

Your prejudice insults me sir. I see nothing wrong with sinks.

Flawless logic.

  1. Urine is virtually sterile. The residue you scrub off of your body, not to mention the layers of grime and bacteria in the shower, is far filthier.

  2. It saves time, effort, and water. Efficient pissing, eh?

  3. Unless you pee on the wall like a jackoff, the urine will be well on its way down the drain before most of the urea breaks down to give off the lovely scent of ammonia.

The only reason I think people have an aversion to peeing in the shower is because they are under the misapprehension that urine is dirty. Toxicity and dirtiness are two different things.

What’s the problem?

Why hop out of the shower to pee when both drains go to the same waste line? In fact they’re probably only separated by a few feet under the floor before they merge.

OK, so if I visited your house, would you be OK with me urinating in your sink? It saves me the time of having to lift the toilet lid and flush the handle; it’ll go down the drain; it’s virtually sterile. Is it OK for me to drain my hose in your washbasin?

Hell, what if I pissed in your bathtub? Sliding over a shower curtain and pissing into the tub is a hell of a lot more convenient then having to bend down, lift the toilet lid AND the toilet seat, piss, and flush. Is it OK if, during the middle of dinner, for instance, I excuse myself, go to your bathroom, and piss in your bathtub?

Why not? Although, there’s a difference between peeing in the shower and peeing into the shower. The nuance escapes me.

I actually shower in my pee. Can you add an option for that?

I’m pretty sure the OP is asking about urinating while taking a shower. That’s how I read it. Of course you need the shower water running to flush out the trap so that the result is the same as flushing a toilet.

No, I wouldn’t urinate into a dry bathtub and I don’t think anyone who answered yes is suggesting that.

I don’t think I even could. Haven’t they done studies that it’s really hard to pee in places that aren’t toilets?

I piss in the shower. Why get out out and drip all over the floor? It goes right down the drain, No muss, no fuss. Not even any germs.

I’ve also been known to piss in sinks in a pinch.

Well, couldn’t you just pee before or after the shower? Do people really need to go so bad they can’t hold it a few minutes?

What? I could piss while doing 9Gs in a fighter jet while angry clowns punched me in the face. There’s no challenge in it.

Edit: Come to think of it, that’s probably a natural reaction to that situation.

Yes you could, but why bother when you’re going to be standing over a drain anyway? Just to flush an extra gallon of water down a different drain?

Two birds, one stone.

Here’s another plumbing picture. Whether you pour a cup of urine into the toilet and flush, or pour it down the shower drain while showering, a few seconds later it ends up in the main soil pipe.

I don’t think I could. Every time I’ve had to pee in a weird place (like, because of a lack of bathroom) it’s taken forever for me to go.

The study I read, they loaded people up with sugar water and then put them in cubicles alone and said they could pee their pants if they had to, but most couldn’t even though they had to go. The social conditioning was too strong.

Of course I piss in the shower. How else am I to repel the streaking Mordorks until Commander Thunderfuck arrives with the rebel brigade to shore up the western ridge and ignite the Turbo MOABs?

That’s a good point, I hadn’t considered that angle too.

I don’t think a desire not to pee in one’s own pants has anything to do with social conditioning.

True, but peeing in one’s pants is a completely different animal to peeing in the shower. The only thing they have in common is the lack of a toilet.