You did WHAT in the shower?

My name is Winston, and I piss in the shower.

I never thought twice about it, until my wife found out. Her position is that urinating in the shower is disgusting, and despite my arguments otherwise (it’s sterile, etc), she just won’t listen to me. It’s not like I want her to tinkle in there - she can tinkle where she wants - that’s not the point. It’s just that the shower is condicive to pissing - it’s warm, quiet, wet, there’s a drain right there, and the necessary equipment is already unlimbered. I mean, what better time to take a leak, right?

So what’s your spin on this? Gross? Normal/natural?

Not a big deal. I do it all the time. Why get out of the shower dripping wet just to piss when you can do it there?

I don’t think it’s a big deal. The water’s running, the drain’s not clogged, one assumes you’re not trying to see how high you can get your stream to go up the wall…

<shrug> Non-issue to me.

It’s all pipes.

It’s also OK to shit in the shower, but only if you have really runny diaorrea.

Hell, I sometimes hold on if I’m about to take a shower! No need to waste water, right?

Besides, unlike American bathrooms, toilets in Australian houses are typically in a different room from the shower. Getting out of the shower to pee would force one to drip water through 10 metres or so of hallway.

It’s perfectly normal. I piss, brush my teeth and shave whilst in the shower. :wink:

Ewwwwwwwwwww, you guys!!!

Hell, I even cook in the shower.

Anybody wanna come over for dinner?

Hey! She scrubs her ASS in that shower.
A little pee isn’t going to hurt anything.

That Seinfeld episode always annoyed me. Of course it’s fine to piss in the shower (although when other are present, like in George’s health club, you should refrain because of their likely ignorance). As previously noted, it’s sterile.

Boy, she may get freaked out if I tell her what I sometimes do in the shower. :smiley:

get one of those waste disposal things fitted to the plughole, then you can do proper shits too.:wink:

misstee, you’re not leaving until you tell us! Or do we have to guess?

Oh for heaven’s sake. I think you are SUPPOSED to pee in the shower. Otherwise, why would it make me pee everyday? My husband thinks it’s gross too, yet he farts wherever he is. You tell me what’s grosser.

As they said on the Man Show, it’s the only room in the house with a drain in the floor.

Better there than anywhere else.

This thread reminds me of Marty Allen’s joke:

Personally…I don’t see why it’s such a big deal. Grosses out Mrs. Uvula, though

Oh, sure, I do it all the time. I don’t get people who are grossed out by it. It’s all pipes. And there’s hot, soapy water coming through all the time.

Doesn’t bother me.
My wife would be freaked out though.

I’m female, and I don’t see the big deal either. Just don’t do it if the drain is running slow and there might be someone who has to use it immediately after you.

Personal experience: If you’re currently suffering from a urinary tract infection and taking those meds (OTC name: Uristat) to kill the pain, don’t do this. You might have to scrub some fluorescent orange stain out of the bottom of the tub, due to the dyes in the medicine. :eek: