Do you LiveJournal?

Several at the 3FMB have LiveJournals, and I figured probably even more at SDMB have them. So? Got one? Let us know!

Here’s mine:
and my dream journal one:

If you are interested in starting a LiveJournal, just go to and click “Create Journal” to set up your account (free). Then to go “Download” to download the client (much handier than updating your journal via a web browser)

Not my kinda thing, really.

But I would like to ask SPOOFE Bo Diddley, Homer, and especially oldscratch to refrain from posting the links to their journals, should they choose to start one :wink:

(I think it was oldscratch with that labrador he fel… oh, dammit, I can’t bring myself to do it. Ya know, the TMI Thread?)

Whoa, I just saw a webcam pic on, ahem, someone’s page!


Heh, that diary stuff looks pretty cool - if I had the time I’d prolly do it too, but then again, the SDMB is enough of a diary for me. :wink:

Yeah, I do it.

Libby’s LiveJournal

It’s pretty fun, actually.

Why, oh why, oh why did I click on the “click if you want to see the uncensored version”?


I started a live journal a week ago, but it’s rather incoherent and depressing so I won’t post a link to it. It’s pretty theraputic though.

I don’t know, why DID you? I’ll have you know, btw, that is one of only 3 pictures of my breast to be found on the internet, and the first ever to be openly linked to by me. I do like how the little smiley has a nose though :slight_smile:

BTW, that was for the sake of getting that one still picture, and was done when my cam wasn’t uploading. I have never shown my breasts on my cam.

Frankly, morbid curiosity. It gets me every time…

:: shaking head ::

I did it too! :eek:



Well, as briefly discussed with Opal earlier, my company proxy server will not allow me to view the cams on her site.

BUT I do have my own live journal:

Farris Goldstein’s Stuff, Fantastic and Otherwise!

I don’t know why I did that… Oh well… Looks somewhat poetic now.


Yep, I got one too.

I’d be perfectly boring, let me tell you.

Well, i started one, for the heck of it, although I am sure it will be quite dull. I think I could get into it a bit, I’ve been having trouble getting into the groove of the SDMB lately, so I suppose this can be my own little posting haven, even if I’m the only one that reads it.

I started one too a couple of days ago. But I’m warning you, it is mostly the rantings of a severely sleep-deprived woman.

Dammit, where did my thread about this drop off to? Anyway, he is mine:

Here’s mine, just started yesterday:

Chef Troy’s LiveJournal

I started one too but I have to update it on the Web. I tried to download the client software but it’s not working for me. It won’t let me log in so I guess I can’t use it here at work. I may try and download it at home. I haven’t kept a journal for years. This might be a good outlet for me.

Just started one. It’s here. The user name is mr_funny_man.