Do you own a handgun ?

Poll coming

Don’t know what to choose. I own a handgun for both target practice and protection.

A “hundgun” eh? Are those for shooting German dogs? :smiley:

Anyways, here in Finland the all the byrocracy you need to go through to get a handgun licence is quite a bother. Got a friend who has a number of guns so I’ve seen what it is like. Hunting guns are a lot easier to get a licence for, AFAIK.

Which is more important to you?

I’m not sure how to answer this. I am American and own five handguns but all are failed gun designs and were purchased as collector’s pieces. There is no category for American - other. All are functional, but I have never shot them, nor do I own any live ammo for them as a compromise with my wife, who hates guns.

I have no guns of any kind.

I don’t own any guns, but I am an oddity in my family. Everyone else, even the nieces and nephews over 12, own multiple guns and rifles.

I frustrate and bewilder them. :smiley:

You also need a class for collections, I have a very nice pre ww2 p.08 that is serialized, still has the spare magazine and tool. I won’t shoot that, though it is in excellent condition. I have a different one for using. I also have a fun .22 for target shooting only [that is what it was designed for, though I do not compete.]

yes, two. mainly for just range use, but if needed I’d use them to save my ass. don’t carry, though.

I own five handguns. I enjoy target shooting. I have a concealed handgun permit, but I rarely feel the need to carry a firearm for protection.

People hunt with handguns too, you know.

I have a handgun; I bought it and use it mostly for as protection from bears when I’m in the woods. I do keep it by my bed so I guess you could say for personal protection but rarely think about it in that way. I have hunted with it as a matter of convenience.

I have more than 1 for protection and more than 1 for target practice and more than 1 Rifle and more than 1 Shotgun.



I bought my first pistol for target practice, so that’s what I picked. Even though in the 20 years since then, I’ve used them for personal protection (on six occasions) and as a tool of the trade (Armed Security work).

American here

I’ve got nothing against gun ownership, but a few years back I had a brief dark period. I don’t think I ever seriously considered hurting myself, but the idea popped into my head from time to time. I always dismissed it, but even the fact that for a moment or two I considered it was enough to scare me deeply.

So I don’t think I’d ever be comfortable owning a handgun.

…unless the zombie apocalypse comes to pass, but even then I’d get a shotgun first


Shotguns are just as effective on yourself as handguns are. Not much benefit there.

Not American, but I live here, so I voted as an American.

No handgun yet, because I haven’t got round to getting one.

American, three, protection and target.

I didn’t know.

What do you hunt with a handgun ?

Nope and don’t ever plan to. American.