Do you own a handgun ?

People who annoy you!

Don’t worry, this will sting but it will take away your urge to annoy me :smiley:

Small game like squirrels can be taken with a .22LR, deer with a .357 or .44 Magnum. Larger calibers like the .454 Casull, .460/.500 Smith and Wessons are suitable all the way up the protection from bears.

You will be shooting at much closer range than a scoped rifle, usually under 150 yards for a skilled marksman. Much less for the average hunter.

A handgun?


Yes, I have one for personal protection. It’s locked in a storage shed about five miles from here.

Sure hope I remember to get it when I need it. :wink:

Same. Haven’t since the boating accident in late 2008. Might try again in early 2013.

I am American. I own a handgun because I once had an opportunity to buy one for $200 and I took it. I wouldn’t say it is “for” anything.

I’m an American and while I personally do not own a gun, I live with my boyfriend who does. He keeps it locked in a small case. I believe he has it for target practice and frankly, if we ever need it for protection at home, we’d need it now and there’d be many more weapons that we could get our hands on in the time it’d take to get the right key, unlock the case and load the gun. If nothing else the case itself could make a handy weapon.

American, and I did until just recently; probably will again in the future.

There are two answers to this question:

  • No, I’m defenseless.
  • Yes, steal my gun when I’m not home.

Yeesh. One more for adding “[Nationality], yes, other reason.” My answer is no, so the options are sufficient for me at the moment, but I’d totally buy a gun, and it wouldn’t be for protecting my family, or shooting at cans.

both of which are contingent on:

  • figure out who I am
  • and where I live

nice try, though.


I’m currently up to four. Two are for target shooting (.22 and .38) and two are family heirlooms that I haven’t had checked out by the gunsmith yet, so I’ve not fired them. One was my grandfather’s .32 that he carried as a sidearm when he was a constable and one is a .25 that my other grandfather kept in his nightstand.

I don’t own one. I’ve never really even seen one, apart from being in police holsters.

In fact, come to think of it, I’ve never touched a real gun in my life, and I don’t personally know anyone who owns a gun.


Preach it Brother!!

I have more than one handgun. My Ruger Mark III is for target shooting. My Ruger GP-141 is for personal protection.

This is my experience as well, as long as we’re talking about within the US. (I am American.)

My social circle tends toward the hippie/very left-wing, and I’ve lived my entire life in the US in politically lefty areas. Not a lot of hunters or gun owners in that crowd. The husband of a friend of my mom’s enjoyed hunting, and he was seen as something of an oddity by the rest of their friends.

I have seen plenty of guns abroad, though. Usually they were rifles in the hand of some kind of law enforcement official/soldier (heavily armed Colombian military police stopped a bus I was traveling on to interrogate a bunch of guys, which was, btw, pretty scary; some kind of military policemen wandering around the Paris Metro, that sort of thing), but I saw people with unconcealed handguns occasionally in Israel.

I have shot a few deer with a Smith & Wesson .44 Mag, some people do it for the sport, for me it is mostly convenience. I’m already carrying it for work and if I see a deer at the end of the day its one less that I have to hunt to fill my freezer.

When I was putting myself through nursing school by working at the homeless shelter, I also volunteered for the clinic at the shelter once a week. There was a woman there who’d grown to trust me because of the dual role, and when she was raped I worked with her at the clinic and saw the bruises the size of basketballs that she had. I came to a realization after that. I’d always talked a pacifist talk, but the truth was that I didn’t really have a choice, I wasn’t capable of anything else. So I decided to change that, took some martial arts and bought a handgun. I still avoid violence as much as possible but I’m prepared to put a bullet in a rabid dog, if it comes looking for me.

A handgun? Not yet.

So…what ARE you going to do with it?