Handgun, shotgun, or rifle

Which do you prefer to shoot?

Handgun, shotgun, and rifle are the only choices in this poll.

I have several handguns. I don’t have a shotgun (yet). I prefer shooting rifles.

Handgun. Ammo is cheaper, and it’s easier to find a place to shoot.

Unless you shoot .22LR. :wink:

Rifle, I own all three.

Shotgun is least favorite.

I don’t own any guns, but I’ve shot all three numerous times. I like shotguns.

I like to nuke things from orbit, why isn’t that an option?

OK, OK, I own a handgun, so haven’t shot anything else in years, but I like rifles more, probably.

I have all three.

I find my shotgun to be painful, probably due to my technique (or lack thereof), but I know that I can hit whatever I need to. The rifle, as with any rifle, is very easy to shoot well and isn’t nearly as uncomfortable as the shotgun. Therefore, I find find myself shooting them very little.

Handguns, however, require a completely different skillset and much more focus. I invariably focus more on handguns than I do longarms for that very reason. I own one of every service caliber from .380ACP to 10MM Auto in addition to a .22LR Ruger 22/45, so I have quite a variety to choose from, all with different challenges, so it never gets old for me.

Anyone can be an expert shot with a rifle, but it takes an expert to shoot expert with a handgun. I aspire to be that guy. I’ll never be Rob Leatham, but who has the time or the money for that? I’ll settle for 90% of his skill, and that only comes with practice.

I own several handguns and rifles. I think I like shooting rifles the best, as sport. I shoot the handguns for more practical reasons, but don’t get to nearly as often as I should.

For recreation, a Smith & Wesson .22 pistol. Strictly for plinking coffee cans and smaller targets. Never been much of a hunter- I just like shooting. I also have a hundred-year old Colt .45 in excellent condition, inherited 45 years ago from my greatly beloved grandfather, but it’s been 25 years since I last fired it. Also had a couple of .357 magnum revolvers (Ruger, S&W) but gave them to my favorite uncle 15 years ago.

For home and campsite defense, a Mossberg 12 gauge pump action shotgun, short barrel. That unmistakable CHUNK-A sound of a shell being chambered broadcasts a fair warning to intruders, and if anyone is crazy enough to keep on coming, neither wifey nor I are likely to miss what we shoot at.

Footnote of interest to none but myself: shortly before we got married 40 years ago, I learned that my wife’s father was an expert handgun marksman (Army), and had raised his daughter to be completely at ease with handguns, not to mention a very good shot.


You do need to be more specific. What is the firearm being used for?

Mossberg for home defense. Like TreacherousCretin I think that the sound of a shotgun being chambered would make most people think twice.

I carry a Glock.

I have the Garand my father carried in Korea.

I also have a gas powered chain saw for zombie attacks or riots. I honestly do think that waving a running chainsaw around would appear more threatening to a mob than a shotgun.

edited to add that I don’t want to ever have to use any of them except on the range. and firewood. That’s why I picked a shotgun in the poll. The sound usually runs humans off.

I’ve never shot a pistol or shotgun, so I’m going to say rifle.

Though machine guns are even more fun.

Yeah, Ma Deuce for the win!

The only gun I shoot is a rifle.

I much prefer a rifle. I’ve always had a problem with larger bore shotguns beating the crap out of me, regardless of how I’m holding them, so for something like skeet, I prefer a .20 ga. I don’t mind pistols at all, but you can really burn through the ammo in a hurry.

I’m saving my answer in the hope that this thread gets bumped in a few years…



I shot a friend’s Browning Buck Mark .22 pistol today and enjoyed it a lot. I recommend this pistol. It is a joy to shoot.

Seems to me that the biggest aspect of the preference is how one likes to shoot. I haven’t shot in a while, but when I did I preferred shotgun because I shot skeet and sporting clays–shooting paper targets with rifles and handguns didn’t really appeal to me, and I’m not into hunting.