Do you own a Hyundai Accent?

I just bought a 03 Accent, and its value for money. Its a decent car, good milage, ok acceleration, automatic transmission, power windows, power streeing. Yeah, the price is good.
I second rickjay, look around before you decide. i tested a honda prelude (great, but only two doors), honda civic (WOW, but too expensive), Mitsubishi Racer (not good), Polo (nearly brought that one, but decided to try others as well) and finally the Accent (the price vs features did me in).

I drove a '96 Hyundai Accent for about two years. Gave it to my dad when I saw the Ford Probe I’d been wanting.

I had no qualms with it at all. Sure, they skimped on the extras, but it was cheap and got me from Point A to Point B without any problems. I’d recommend it if you like these kinds of cars.

The Mazda 3 debuted at the Frankfurt Auto Show back in August, so my guess is we’ll see them in dealershis around the beginning of fall 2004 as a 2005 model. Just a guess, though.

Since you seem to like your 323 so much, have you considered buying another one of them used? Perhaps…a 323 GTX? :dubious: AWD turbocharged power gets you around in the snow, you know…