Do you pee in the pool?

I’ve recently started going to water aerobics. Last night during the class I really had to pee and I thought to myself “too bad I’m not a kid, I could just pee right here”. But instead I got out and went to the change room to use the facilities but it got me wondering what other people in the class would do.

Literally? No.

Figuratively? All the damn time. :dubious:

Nope. I have a tough enough time peeing in the ocean.

Ocean, yes, pool, never. I can’t even imagine doing that.

Yep. The dilution is such that as a practical matter the amount of urine actually in each gallon of water is negligible. The chlorine should also be enough to kill any beasties from the skid marks of the swimming trunks as well.

Ocean/lake, yes. Pool, never. Ick.

You “yeses” need to stop peeing in the pool! That’s so gross!

Only from the high board

I saw this thread title and immediately thought Curtis LeMay was making his triumphant return. Imagine my surprise to found out this was not the case.

Just be glad considering the username that it was number 1!

Very true. Now I anxiously await Curtis’s return so he can take it upon himself to ask the next logical question after this one.

The “Floaty” in my name refers to a fish, not a poo-log. :smiley:

I’ve been compared to Curtis LeMay…:smack:

“In” or “into”?

Eeewwww! Ick! You people who would pee in the pool, that’s disgusting!

I can’t remember ever peeing in the pool, or the ocean for that matter.

I did when I was a kid, but then I grew up! Jeez Louise, people!

No. I understand that the chlorine probably takes care of it, but it still seems gross and inconsiderate.

I have no problem peeing in the ocean, but I refrain from tinkling in someone’s pool.

This reminds me: when I was a kid, it seemed like everyone had a sign hanging off their pool saying:

Welcome to our ool.
Notice there is no “P” in it.
Please keep it that way.

I also remember there was an urban legend that there was a chemical you could put in the pool that would make the water turn bright red around someone if they peed. I lived in fear of this, and never tried it.

Not only that, it permanently stains your skin, so that everybody who sees you for the rest of your life will know you peed in the pool. It is in every pool that I swim in. :wink:

There’s 19 people I’m never going swimming with.