Do you post at other boards

Aside from the Straight Dope, Fathom, or their spinoffs (Socks or Fathom 2, do any of you post at other boards? Any of particular interest, such as an Irish community board, or a Roleplayer board, or an artist’s board.

Or do you hang out in a particular part of Usenet (the newsgroups).

I’m interested in what other communities you folks visit.

I just stumbled across two boards that were just opened by two (young?) people trying to become better illustrators.

I’m going to shoot myself! Those are two separate links above. Just scootch the mouse from side to side in that InterCap word.



I post on the Brunching UBB, a community of fans of the Brunching Shuttlecocks. In fact, I co-moderate the equivalent of MPSIMS.

We’re currently coming out of our annual February of Doom. Last year it was a row about the level of moderation. This year it was trolls. We had our first ever banning, and it shocked some of our posters. Funnily enough the troll never posted in my forum at all, not even to call me a Nazi or a Luddite.

I post all over the place. As a huge rollercoaster enthusiast, I can be found at,, and I’ve spent quite a lot of time on the Looking Glass game forums, but not recently. ( I also visit computer forums (, and occasionally, and I visit quite a few forums at But the SDMB is the place where I have the most posts and spend the most time.


I read a couple of gaming boards, but rarely post to them. I also read and post to a science fiction MB.

I used to post all over the place. Feynn and I actually have our own message board at Delphi, but nowadays Feynn keeps up with that one, not me. The Globe, the 80’s forum, and several at Delphi are places that I used to be a regular at, but the SDMB has left me no time to post at anymore.

Don’t post anywhere else right now, but I lurk at anandtech and a little at somethingawful.

I first starting posting at snopes, then came to SDMB. To me, they are the most entertaining and thought provoking. Recently I started lurking at IMDb and have posted once, but their board is enormous and I am not really familiar with it yet.

Oh yeah, and the Dale Earnhardt site, but only signed up with that one to post a condolence note to the family. I’m not a regular.

*Originally posted by Tansu *
I post on the Brunching UBB, a community of fans of the Brunching Shuttlecocks. In fact, I co-moderate the equivalent of MPSIMS.

The brunching shuttlecocks is a riot. I especially like The Alanis Lyrics Generator. The following is an exerpt of a rant about “The taste of Blood”

What have I done to deserve this blue disaster that is my life?
Surrounded on all sides with the Hell of the taste of blood
Like a Stephen Crane character, I’m wordy and alone
Why God, Why?

What have I done to deserve this blue misery?
Surrounded on all sides with the Hell of the taste of blood

I have posted on Fathom a few times but I always come back to the SDMB. It’s like a disease for which there is no cure.

Anyone else go to Salon Table Talk?

That’s my second favorite place to post after SDMB.

Lesse I go here (of course) and the other ones I go to are all for Role Playing… in Acacia, Att (though that chat is having problems with hackers now so it might be moving elsewhere), and a bunch of boards that are for specific plots that are set in Attone but were shot off because we wanted to be able to have our own board and not lose each others posts in the shuffle of the rest.

I did start out at Chick Click though… someone from here mentioned this one over there and I moved here and never looked back. I also have a name at ACOL and on Cumber’s board smiles

I post fairly often on Nit Central (as Palandine), generally on the Deep Space Nine or Voyager boards, and occasionally on the Dark Angel and Andromeda boards.

I am filled with shame. :slight_smile:

I post at several anime boards. I did post at a “mom chat” type board, but it died down.

I enjoy this board a great deal!

I check in to various boards that I come across in my net surfing, but other than here (and occasionally but not often, Fathom) there aren’t any message boards I touch bases with elsewhere. It’s just such a hassle to try and keep up with so many and find yourself repeating the same things over & over again, so I try not to even go looking elsewhere, for fear I will get hooked.

I used to play on IRC in a Trivia channel, devotedly, for over a year until recently I hit some obstacles getting onto IRC via work, where I have a computer.

Other than that, there is one community of women with whom I have been in regular contact with for well over a year now. It’s an email list of childfree women called “Pride & Joy”. It’s a great list, diverse, spicy, caring, inflammatory, encouraging - all at the same time. If I had to choose between that list and any other online human contact, I’d stick with that list.


Yeah, I post at somethingawful and , which was a korn board, but has mutated into some wierd emo-hardcore board.

So what’s going on over there? I’ve been eagerly awaiting an update for days, but nothing! I check every day.

[reply to hijack] I don’t know what’s going on with the Brunching Shuttlecocks, because the UBB isn’t officially affiliated — Lore and Dave lurk, but they don’t post. We did have a visit from Spinn of Spinnwebe recently, though. Perhaps Lore is simply very very busy. Most of the posters to the UBB are pretty funny people, but we’re all too shy to submit something to the Shuttlecocks.
[sub](By the way, my SN over at the Brunching UBB is Hallam.)[/sub]
[/reply to hijack]

My partner reads a board entirely devoted to discussion of the unfinished Beach Boys album SMiLE.

I am a member of Pennock’s Fiero forum UBB

Because I love & own Rottweilers, I go here:
Otherwise, SDMB takes up my limited computer time!