Do you put your wallet in your back pocket?

Received a leather wallet for Xmas 45 years ago when I got my driver’s license. Stuck it in my back pocket for a few weeks, only to realize I kept getting some serious sciatica in both legs. So, experimenting, I moved the wallet to the front pocket and the pain went away. Thought it was just me until college when others told the same story with some variations.

The leather wallet gave out 15 years later, and lacking time to buy a new one, substituted a nylon neck pouch. That was 35 years ago. It’s only now that I’ve noticed the beginnings of wear and tear. And thanks to this thread, I gave it a little needle and thread and hope it lasts another 35 years.

Unless it’s a near-field effect (and likely violate FCC regs), I’m calling BS on that explanation.

[sarcasm] Most likely explanation is you’ve got an eel-skin wallet* [/sarcasm]

*I believe this was addressed by Cecil Adams in the late 20th Century.

I stopped carrying anything in my back pockets several years ago, doctor’s orders. I wear cargo pants now. The wallet goes in the left thigh pocket. Keys & coins go in the upper front pocket.

Yes, I know cargo pants are out of style, or vintage. The fashion police can kiss my empty back pockets.

There’s enough room in my back pockets that I can keep my wallet in one without directly sitting on it.

I’m right-handed and keep my wallet in the left pocket. Pull out with left hand, hold with left hand, and pull cash or cards out with right hand.

Wow that’s stressed!

I’ve got one of those Ridge metal wallets (mine’s aluminum) holds credit cards/IDs/etc… with a clip for a few bills - gotta tip for parking here in Hawaii. Front left pocket, keys in front right, phone forgotten on the nightstand.

Is there a reason so many men choose a back pocket as their primary wallet-holder? I would have thought it would make for uncomfortable sitting long before the chronic posture problems kicked in. I was also puzzled by young wonen carrying i-phones in their tight jean rear pockets until I realised this must be a way of showing off one’s phone (as the logo’s visible).

I don’t think that’s the reason. My wife carries her phone that way and it certainly has nothing to do with showing off the logo (which isn’t visible anyways because the phone is in a case). She does it because women’s jeans’ front pockets are decorative only, the phone wouldn’t fit.

Fair enough - I’d forgotten about woefully impractical tailoring in women’s clothes.

I’ve been carrying my wallet in my front right pocket for 20 years. I used to carry it in my back left, but I liked the idea of it being more secure.

So I have my wallet and KeyBar key organizer in my right front pocket, my homemade change purse and Swiss Army Knife in my left pocket, and my cell phone on a belt holster (because I can’t stand keeping it in any of my pockets).

I used my back pocket when I had to work for a living – a full front pocket interfered with physical activity. After that I used my inside coat pocket, as a gentleman should ("spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch…) So I’ve very rarely used a rear pocket – which wears holes in your pants.

Although the rear pocket feels more exposed, I’m not convinced it makes much difference to a pickpocket. During “The War” my grandfather (a minister) was walking down a street in Brazil with an American sailor when somebody rushed by, dove into the sailors front pocket (which was basically a watch/coin pocket), and stole the contents- including his leave papers. They used to sew fish hooks into their pockets to discourage theft, and still lost stuff.

I’ve never liked a heavy wallet: I’ve used a billfold and a separate card wallet for years. Slightly more than 1/8". Handcrafted Toad Leather - cost around $20 USD. I don’t have any problem sitting on it – it’s soft and doesn’t contain any cards – but now that I have a desk job, why would I do that?

For me, it’s because the front pockets are taken by other things - front right for pocketknife, front left for keys. Either of those would be far more uncomfortable to sit on then a wallet, even a fat wallet.


About the only good advice I got from my Dad was to wear shirts with buttoning pockets, for keeping wallets safe.

When I went to college, I discovered a wallet with a keyring, so I could keep the wallet and keys in the same (front) pocket. Sitting on my wallet was never comfortable on any hard chairs. I kept change in the other pocket back then, but now I keep my phone there.

I did carry a pocket knife for a while, but it was just me as a boy mimicking my dad, as I can’t really think of a time I ever needed to use it. Any time I’ve needed a knife, I’ve been somewhere where I could just go get one.

And I can’t stand to wear pants without roomy pockets.

I’ve never carried anything in my back pockets. My wallet and everything else are in my front pockets.

30 years ago, I diagnosed a co-worker with this very syndrome. I’d read an article about “credit card sciatica”. He was complaining about pain. I saw where his wallet was. I told him to move it elsewhere.

He never did pay that medical bill…

I’m female, so was in the habit of carrying a purse everywhere. When I needed to have wrist surgery a couple years ago (cast / sling were involved) I bought a much smaller wallet with a keyring attachment, and I bought a bungee clip. The wallet attaches to one end of the bungee. The clip on the other end attaches to my belt look, and the wallet goes in a front pocket.

Hey man c’mon I bet your Dad gave you some other good advice!