Do you read the thread before voting in a poll?

I sometimes wonder about the results of polls in which there’s substantial disagreement and discussion. I almost always vote first and then read, but it’s not unusual for me, in so reading, to be convinced that I was wrong and should have voted otherwise. I figure other people must be the same way, since sometimes a consensus will form in the discussion which is not reflected in the voting. Anyway…

I read the OP because half the time what the poll is asking and what the OP actually wants us to answer are two different things. But I don’t read other people’s responses before I vote, no.

I didn’t read this before responding. I’m that way quite often so I voted to say as close to “sometimes” as the choices permit.

I do agree with the OP’s assumptions and the results coming from them.

Polls are fun for both asking and answering questions on issues you have an opinion on but hate to try to explain. Quick and simple. One bullet.

Some polls don’t leave enough choices to get realistic results. The Cake vs. Pie poll is a good current example of that.

Polls where your name is shown will run off a good number of potential voters.

Too many choices, even when they are multiple, give gray to meaningless results.

All said, I like polls.

I was going to post something like, “You’re lucky if I read the OP before voting, much less the thread.” :smiley: And to be contrary, this time I did read the thread before voting.

I read the OP, but not the rest. I also do this for posting in IMHO threads in general. Supposedly, you’re wanting my opinion, not my opinion that has been biased by everyone else in the thread. Heck, if the poll was always clear, I wouldn’t even read the OP.

I really don’t read the thread first, EXCEPT for the OP, to make sure I understand the question in the poll. I’ve read the thread this time because I wasn’t sure whether the OP counted as “some” of the thread. I still don’t know. I haven’t voted yet.

Oops. I voted “usually” then read the thread and realized that the question was about reading the thread, not just the OP.:smack:

I usually read the OP because it often asks a somewhat different question than the poll, but I never read the whole thread first.