Your Poll Participation/Interest

Based on your own reaction to SDMB polls, in at least 50% of the cases do you:

  1. At least read the OP to see what the poll is about
  2. Read and respond, but never look back
  3. Read, respond and check back later (fewer than five times)
  4. Read, respond, check back later at least five times
  5. Read, respond check back often to see how it is progressing
  6. Refer back to the results after the voting has closed so that you know what was learned about the SDMB attitudes and/or opinions?


It really depends. Most polls I at least mouse over, many I open and read, if it’s relevant I respond, and if it’s something I’m interested in I check back.

I mostly vote in polls, as long as it’s at least vaguely interesting, to add data for the benefit of the OP. Presumably, they are trying to get an idea of what proportion of people feel a certain way, and the larger the sample size, the better. If I happen to be interested in the poll question myself, then I check back, but that is probably less than 50% of the time.

Um, is there a none of the above option?

I doubt I read 50% of polls. Maybe like 30%.

Maybe there should be more specific breakdown if there’s a large vote count in this one.

The idea came to me that I look at most polls, at least with a mouseover, and vote in at least half of the ones I see. Of course, if I posted the poll myself then I will check in often to see how it’s progressing. Otherwise I just vote and rarely look back.

If there’s sufficient interest in further precision, maybe somebody else will do a follow-up.

Thanks for the responses so far. More discussion is welcomed.