Do you really think you're helping your case (Insulting names)

Do you really think you’re helping your case?

Bushista. Sore-Loserman. N*Suck. The Backdoor Boys. Algore (Pronounced like Igor, of course). Twitney Spears. Wacko Jacko. minty green douche (haven’t seen it, but I’ll bet it’s been used). Fearless Misleader. Shrub.

Most of these see fairly frequent use on the SDMB, as well as the real world. Do people that use these terms - more like epithets, really - think that they actually help their case?

If someone is ranting about how worthless Britney Spears is, does it really make it more potent to refer to her as “Twitney”? Everyone is able to gather what you mean when you say “talentless Barbie doll twit”. Isn’t adding “Twitney” to that a little unnecessary, not to mention childish?

I mean, hell, I remember back in 7th grade when things like this seemed somewhat clever, but I don’t think many posters here are quite that young.

Kind of a Nerf™©®(etc) subject for the Pit, but seeing these things have continued to irritate me for quite some time.


Look, Merigeek, it works subliminally, okay?

Excuse me, I have to go bite the head off a platypus.


Young at heart, baby, young at heart.

Well mentally I’m 12!

“I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys 'R Us kid…”

What the hell is THAT in reference to??

It’s annoying, and lessens the effect of any legitimate criticism the poster might have to offer.

Dunno, but there’s bound to be one pissed-off Texan 'round these parts pretty soon. :smiley:

I think I want to make that my sig.

Just keep in mind, minty, that “He needed killin’” is a perfectly good affirmative defense down there in Texas. :wink:

I personally prefer chicks that use the new car smell douche, but I guess the minty green douche is an acceptable substitute.

I get it. All of this was a roundabout way of calling minty green a funny name. Don’t deny it! We can see right through you ;).