START you need to change your name buddy!

Becuase people keep geting us confused!

And seeing how I was here first… :wink:

Oh and since this is the pit…
Fuck fuck and double fuck!!!

And a loser shall light the way.


And here I was getting him confused for a nuclear missile/warhead reduction treaty. . . :smack:

No, I’m serious. I see all caps as an acronym.

Hey Mockingbird how long you been keeping that one in the holster?

Taking ever oppertunity you can to insult me? How very benevolent of you. :rolleyes:

Yeah, who pulled Mockingbird’s horn anyway?

Okay, that was a strange interlude from Mockingbird

Anyway, I think it would be an excellent idea for START to make a change to his name. I’m not especially prone to getting users mixed up, but I have gotten those two mixed up when they’ve been in the same thread.

I think you guys should fight this out in the Pit o’ Death®. Loser changes his name and gets castrated.

I think the person who has fought more ignorance should be able to keep their name, not the person who has created more of it. Sorry, SHAKES, but I think you’re on the wrong side of the argument here.

Wait, fuck. It was START who started the “let’s create an urban legend” thread, wasn’t it?

Seems your point has been made!


One of you just needs to drop the “all caps” idea, and everything will be fine. Not really a name-change…more of a presentation change.

Or you could wrestle for it. :smiley:

I even get SPOOFE mixed in with you guys. In fact, my main problem is confusing SPOOFE with SHAKES.

But that’s probably just me.

Yeah, I always mix you guys up. Several times you’ve posted in the same thread, and it took me a minute to realize you were two separate posters. For a second, I thought perhaps you were a single poster with multiple personalities.

How about you both lose the all-caps and become Shakes and Start, respectively? Then everything would be fine. Better than fine, great!

At least AndrosX has a couple capitals in his SN. Makes it hella easier on me.

Amen to that.

Either that or go with “Mr. and Mrs. Ken Dove of Dorking, Surrey.”

I’m always getting lno and Ino confused. One of those guys needs to change too.

You do realize that it’s Mockingbird.

SHAKES, START, I hope I don’t sound like a caseist here, but all you people look alike.

Personally, I think people who spell their user names with ALL CAPS are asking for it.

Asking for what is a question for another day …

I don’t get SHAKES and START confused. But I am unable to tell the difference between SPOOFE and SPOOGE.

Gosh, that sounds bad.

Ok, I guess I could change to Shakes, I’m just wondering which Mod I should bother about this.

FTR it’s really not that big a deal, I just thought it was funny is all. Which in turn is kind of making me feel guilty about bothering a mod. I’m not sure how much of a pain this is to do.