What's a good name for me? I'm tired of bongel already.

I want something I can use in the pit, but would be too suggestive or wild or shocking for the other forums.

I guess Satan is Pit-like.
Drain Bead seems like it’s a pun on Brain Dead, which is zombie-like, at least.

I could go with Zombie-like in a pinch, I spose.

Hmmn. Well, some ideas that seem to follow the SDMB could be:


But these are just some thoughts…

I like the looks of “Out_Of_Focault”.
How is it pronounced?

How about Fickle Fucker :wink:

Wasn’t that a character on Laugh-In?

Sorry, Fickle Finger. Same idea, though.

Just one username per customer, please. It’s in the registration agreement. If you need to re-read the agreement, log out of the message board, then click on “register”, then read to your heart’s content.

If we catch you using two (or more) names, we remove posting privileges for all of them. Sometimes we will re-instate privileges for ONE name.

For the Straight Dope

I can change my name, can’t I? I know I’ve seen references to that.
Or isn’t it allowed any more?
This name just seems wrong. It’s not funny at all.
It’s like I’m at a party wearing my church clothes.

Yes, you can change your name. However, we’ll only allow a certain number of changes, we don’t allow you to get a new name every month.

If you want to change your name, email me or TubaDiva and tell us what you want your name changed to. We can go into the database and change it. It won’t affect your post count.

For the Straight Dope

I’m sure you can change your name, what I think Lynn’s saying is not to have one name for the Pit and one name for the rest of the Boards.

Once you decide to change your name, email the admins requesting what you want the name changed to and they will take care of the rest.

I didn’t mean to imply there’s anything wrong with your name. Some people don’t like funny.
It’s just I’d like something funny.

Damn simul-posting again. That’s twice today.

The above comment was for at Lynn, not you, as I suppose you guessed.

Yes, that’s exaxctly what I paln to do, once iI find the right name.

Wow, the editor really ate me up that time. I guess I type faster than I proofread.

Is “Focault” a real word? It sounds very familiar, but it’s not in my Funk& Wagnalls

leg nob. That’s bongel backwards. Synonym for knee. :smiley:

…change your name. I went thru a similar situation a couple of months ago; seems that there was another, well-known poster who had the same name as I have but with a number attached. She complained; I thought about it and decided to let her go with it. The best advice I received was to let everyone know that I was now to be known as kiffa and not as %^$##.

Please re-introduce yourself … thanks

Focault is a last name. Michel Focault was a french philosopher.

It is Foucault though. If you use this one, I would guess that some familiarity with Foucaltian theory would be useful. Personally it makes my brain hurt