May I change my user name...

…to “Fuck You”?

(NB: said phrase NOT in the title, and in any event NOT directed towards another poster. It’s a noun here, not an imperative phrase.) If so, please LMK, because I may want to jazz it up a little before the change takes place, i.e. “Fuck Yooooou!!” or “Fuuuuck Yooooou” or “Fuck You With a Toilet-Plunger Handle” or something equally creative, as that seems to be the new standard of good taste around here.

Thanks in advance for your response.

The name fuck you is taken, unsurprisingly, by a banned user. I doubt that name would be approved, and it has nothing to do with the new Pit rules. From the registration agreement:

God damn it to hell.

Say, how about THAT as a user name? People could call me GDITH instead of PRR, for short?

ETA: And if a banned user took my ideal name, doesn’t that imply that at one point, however brief, the user name “Fuck You” was allowed? Or did he get banned for his choice of name?

PRR I got you as #1 in my pool.

I doubt it.

No, it doesn’t. Names aren’t screened ahead of time.

Probably. His membership lasted all of half an hour.

You of course realize that some posters probably already do refer to you by the two names you asked about. That should be good enough. :wink:

Disclaimer: **PRR **and I are friendly, I am simply teasing as he can easily tell but I am fearful someone else will not recognize my poor attempt at humor as humor.

If he changes his screen name, then that wonderfully delicious thread bout all the variations on super ruber etc. would make no sense! :frowning:

How about “Phuck Yu” and pretend you’re Vietnamese and your name is therefore protected under cultural tolerance?

That would be Phuk Yu.

Give him a break. Transliteration isn’t an exact science.

I’d like to see that pool sometime, maybe place a few bets on the over/under…

How about take up archery and change your name to pluck yew?

Occasionally I will check on newly registered users. I will pre-emptively ban those who have abusive, obscene, or otherwise objectionable usernames.* I am not checking for objectionable usernames, actually, but spammers (and they’re pretty darn easy to find, too). Banning a spammer while he’s spamming gives me a warm, cozy feeling. Also I like to imagine him saying “WTF? The board’s not accepting my posts now?” and gnashing his teeth in frustration.

*Any name with fuck, shit, various racist/sexist words, etc. is what I call objectionable. For instance, if someone tried to register with a name like UppityNigger, I’d ban it. If you don’t understand why, I don’t think that I can explain it to you.

Could he change it to Phoo Twa?

Somebody signed up as OsamaBinLaden last year and was banned for the same reason. Although he managed to inspire a Pit thread without even posting.

I vaguely remember that the pit thread was longer ago than that, and was about a poster name simply USAMA. (Who also never posted, but I don’t think he was banned.)

Could be wrong. Lemme look…

Ah Ha!

Hey, when did the spoiler tag get changed? That’s much better than the old way it worked.


Except it partially ruined Meek’s SDMB Epic Musical I to IV.

When I worked at a previous job we had an alumnus named Yuk Foo. I think you should run with that.

Oh, come on you guys! I can’t seriously be the first to suggest FOAD, can I?