What’s with this guy? He just joined and has been a jerk in practically every thread he’s posted in (at least in Cafe Society, I haven’t looked for any others).


The latest Big Bang Theory thread

The late night host teleprompter thread

Seems to have come in with the idea this is a snark shooting gallery site (cleverest snark/attack post wins). There certainly aren’t any shortage of those out there.

H’or’sh’it will figure it out and learn to participate, or get banned in short order.

My guess is a good old-fashioned jimmy rustler.

My guess is somebody who’s insecure about their own intelligence, so tries to correct everybody all the time.

“The troll that burns twice as bright burns half as long. And you have burned so very, very brightly, Lark.”

For the win.

Also started this thread.

Some of his/her comments are the right amount of snark, e.g. post #4 in the BBT thread. And then you read the second sentence and that humor is lost.

My guess is [that he’s] somebody who’s insecure about their[his] own intelligence, so [he] tries to correct everybody all the time.
Fixed that for you. Language must follow the Manual of Style at all times, no colloquialisms! :smiley:

(Ahh! the smileys are different. Just noticed that. That one (embarrassment?) doesn’t look like it’s servicing someone anymore).

Are nicknames allowed outside the Pit? I propose SnarkingPot.

Too kind. I propose Shithead. No… *still *too kind.


LarkingPot… more like Parking Lot, eh?

Oh, wait.

I’m going to close this thread since he’s no longer with us.