Do you recall this game and it's name?

When i was very young, a friend of mine had a game that was most likely something derived from what a Bombardier’s job was on a B-24 or something in WWII. A circular map spun clockwise while you looked through a sight sticking up over it approximately 1.5 feet, and when you squeezed the trigger or pressed the button, i forget which it was, it dropped a bomb on the map, the idea being you got it in a target (hole). I just finished reading a book on Bombardiers and then this game came to mind. Anyone remember it at all? What was this called? I wonder if i could pick it up at some collectors or memorabilia place…

I remember it but not the name. Post count +1 information 0. I win! I win!


I remember it, I had it. But, I, too, can’t recall the name.

Never heard of it, never had it. I trump SqrlCub with 0 content and 0 help.

What are we talking about?

0 information +1 to post count and a question added.


Well it looks like I am still winning now that there are 4 posts here with no information. It is like cards, you know. 4 posts, 0 information.


I swear, what a dumb game you “children” are playing, but this post boosts my count, so I’ll join in. What is up with all you guys playing these silly war/mutilation games?

Ok this is gonna drive me nuts all day. I keep saying “Dropzone” in my head now but I don’t know if that is correct. Add another post for me.

Why? Because we like to blow shit up. I think it’s genetic.

I like to blow shit up too, but I don’t really like video games.

Actually sskug, this was a board game. I remember it it had a grey or blue ‘arm’ type device that held the ‘bombs’ with a magnet. If I recall the ‘bombs’ were little steel balls with a plastic or rubber ring around them. when you squeezed the trigger you lifted the magnet away from the ball thereby dropping it onto the board, which was circular and spun by means of a battery.

Oops. Someone shoot me in the skull for my mistake please.

ssskuggiii said:

“Oops. Someone shoot me in the skull for my mistake please.”

Do I hear an open invitation to squick? I think I do! Tasha, dear, come over here for a bit . . . I’ve something to show you.

Not funny.

where did squicking come from in an innocent thread about a board game. thats just not right. but hey, im boosting my post count (which desperately needs boosting) and by the way, i’ve never heard of the game, nor do i know what it’s called.

I remember a game called “Chutes Awway” that sounds similar to what you described.

I agree with psycat90. I think the name is dropzone

I think Bauble’s right. It’s Chutes Away.

I think you’re both wrong.

Chutes Away i remember now, it’s very similar, but the game i’m talking about is different. It was bombs, not paratroopers dropped, and there was a sight that you adjusted at the top instead of the plane, sort of a simple take on the actual sight devices used on the bombers. But that’s good enough for me, i wasn’t sure if i was just crazy and remembered a game that never existed, or if it really was real. ssskuggiii, the games quite a bit before your time, when the game boy and nintendos were just stuff from the Jetsons, and a couple of D cell batteries would run an electronic board game was considered advanced. I remember when Battleship came out with the first electronic version, that was awesome.
I ultimately win. I’ve sunk all your battleships, and upped my post count.