Do you regret your username change?

My username was a gift from the posters on this message board, and I love it.

edited to add: my old name was slythe.


I picked my user name simple because I live on the east coast and wanted to identify with that (although I have no idea why). Then I realized my user name could also be parsed/understood as an e-coaster (electronic browser, peruser, etc. ) which is very fitting.

When I signed up, I just used a name I’ve used on other boards in the past without giving it a whole lot of thought. In retrospect it would have been nice to have come up with something a little cleverer, but I can’t say I regret my choice. I’ve been here almost 3 years and I’m comfortable with it.

I picked my user name because my dog’s name was Bubba. Other than a few initial misreads by others that I was a southerner or a very large convict it’s been a pretty good name.

I considered changing it to something clever and then decided I liked my name just fine.


I changed mine because my previous one made me more identifiable to a larger non-Dope group than I wanted it to–now that the board is searchable by the masse, I don’t really want non-Doper acquaintances googling my other name and coming upon my opinions on bathroom stalls with no doors and how much I loathe Justin Bieber. I’m mostly happy with my new name since I don’t use it anywhere else and it’s a pretty accurate description of me.

When I joined I used bec because I was tired of having to post under pseudonyms on other forums because of a stalking husband. I was happy to finally be my real name.

Later I got over that phase and decided to change to the permanent handle I finally settled on, Kalypso. I might even incorporate Kalypso into my legal name when I get married this November.

I think this is only the second time I’ve mentioned the change since changing it last year, so you’re probably one of the first, actually.

And thanks! I like it too – he is my favorite god, and a central figure in my two favorite myths – but I don’t think it really fits.

I figured it out on my own when I saw a post about you going from TN --> NM.

I used to be Silver_Fire but changed it to Silver Fire about, oh… about 10 years ago? Something like that.

It took a while to adjust but I’m okay with it.


I’m glad I changed mine. Had I taken an extra second to think about it, I’d have gone with Antijen with a J, but whatever, this is good enough.

I started out as opus9, changed to Attrayant and finally to Patty. I’m thinking the next one will be a first name change to Paddy because people are always assuming I’m a female.

Being an idiot, I used my real name. But it’s done me just fine over the years…

Your name’s 2844? That’s so cool.

The only thing I regret about my username is that people make “birdcrap” jokes in reference to it sometimes.


I’ve thought about it, mostly because it seems so lame compared to everyone else’s. But I also know it takes me a while to get used to people using a new name. Plus, I don’t really have a better one in mind.

I was previously (99-03) Mjollnir. Then, after crashing a few Dopefests where the name didn’t ring ANY bells with ANYONE, I changed it. Thought maybe it would be a little more memorable.

And I haven’t been able to crash any Dopefests since the change. (We’re not a very sociable group in this area.)