Do you sing when you cook Italian food?

What is it about cooking Italian food that makes one want to sing? I don’t do this for any other type food, just Italian:

“When the moon hits your eye…”


I was inspired to start this thread watching this video for Steak Pizzaiola. (lady is too cute):

Because there are actually songs about Italian food.

Lol. Okay, now THIS will be the song I sing for now on when I cook Italian.

Thanks to The Punisher (2004) movie, every time I cook Italian, I hear opera music in the back of my head, plus mental images of a truly horrible beatdown. It is darkly funny, and very violent, and certainly NSFW, so I’ll multi-spoiler it. If you are offended by violence, please don’t click.


But yes, something about Italian in particular brings out the music. But since I only make tomato based dishes during the 2-3 months I have fresh tomatoes coming in from my MiL’s garden, it’s very seasonal cooking for me.

No, I swear out loud because I usually get sauce on my shirt.

Actually, I sing when I cook ANY food, not just Italian. And that includes feeding the cat.

But have you noticed that the Italian flag contains the same colors as much of Italian food?

With the pizza Margherita that was intentional. With the rest, I guess it’s the coincidence of having a reasonable portion of the cuisine (at least the more well-known portion) based on starch (white), tomato (red), and herb (green).

And, no, I don’t sing when I cook anything. I might listen to a podcast or some music when I cook, but that’s not linked to the cuisine I’m cooking, either.

Dammit, I was just cookiing Italian last night (Chicken Pasta Fra Diavolo) and I totally forgot to sing!

But I think Fra Diavolo is pseudo-Italian and actually originated in the US.

Ha! I watch the youtube channel Buon-A-Pettiti, too, and came in to link to it. I love to hear her sing Italian songs. And to watch her make lasagna and Italian wedding soup!

But if I sing in the kitchen, it’s more likely to be of the “Atsa Matta” variety, because I don’t know any real Italian songs.

Of course, Bugs Bunny takes “Atsa Matta for You” to its logical extreme when faced with Tz:

Thanks loads for the Weird Al earworm.