Do you sleep well?

Every since menopause…can’t get to sleep , wake up after 4/5 hours can’t get back to sleep.

I have had sleep maintenance insomnia since…always. And I do mean always, my parents brought me to the doctor about my sleep issues when I was 4 because I neither slept through the night nor slept nearly as much as kids are supposed to, the latter of which was an issue since birth: my dad tells a story about coming home when I was about a month old to my mom crying because I only slept 8 hours a day, not twice that like the baby books said. My sleep issues are part of the reason I was also diagnosed with hyperactivity really young - something like 75% of kids with ADHD also have sleep issues.

Anyway, I sleep for 60-120 minutes at a time before waking up fully and struggling a little falling back to sleep, and I rarely sleep more than 6.5 hours a on a weeknight, maybe 7.5 on the weekend. It’s okay, though. I sleep well enough to dream, I’m rarely tired, and have more energy than most people I know.

This is my son. As a baby he slept 45 minutes at a shot. My husband would come home to me in the rocker in tears.

He never slept well and he’s 19 now. Happily, in college he can make his own schedule and he’s much happier.

I’ve always taken forever to fall asleep. At least half an hour, even if I’m very tired. I need to be exhausted to have one of those “asleep as I hit the pilow” kind of nights. Normally, I sleep through the night, but now that I’m pregnant I’ve been getting up once a night to pee. I used to be able to fall right back asleep if I woke up in the middle of the night, but these days I need earplugs because every little sound from my husband, cats, or baseboard heaters makes me crazy.

I fall sleep easily, but I wake up every two hours. The maximum I sleep is 6 hours, so I have to be careful what time I got to bed. Even if I am tired, if I go to bed at 11:00, I wake up at 5:00; if I go to bed at 10:00, I wake up at 4:00.

I don’t really feel rested, but I get up anyway, because once I pass that 6 hour mark, I know I’m not going back to sleep.

It doesn’t take me long to fall asleep, but if I’m woken up within 10-15 minutes after falling asleep then I’m up for another hour or two, especially if I’m anxious about something. I get maybe an inadequate 5 hours sleep then in the morning my worries usually drive me out of bed. I usually take quick naps during the day unless i’m at work (even then I have to fight off sleep).

None of the choices really fit.

I usually read until I nod off and bonk myself on the nose with my Nook, but after I put it down and turn out the light, it can take me a while to fall asleep. (Hmmmm. Maybe I need to read by just the light of the Nook and eliminate a step…)

I seem to wake up every night between 3 and 3:40. Dunno why. Don’t have to pee. I usually wake up long enough to notice the time then fall back to sleep. I haven’t slept through the night in so long I can’t remember the last time I did.

I used to sleep well (9 - 10 hours a night, out like a light when my head hit the pillow and completely oblivious until the morning).

Those were the days! Now I seem to run the gamut of all the sleep problems going: can’t fall asleep and when I finally do, it takes absolutely nothing to wake me up. Sometimes it’s a faint noise 3km away. Other times, it’s just like a light’s gone on inside my head and woken me up. When that happens, I can’t get back to sleep for hours.

I also have to get up to pee at least once, generally two or three times, a night. I take a while to get back to sleep afterwards and often can’t get back to sleep at all.

Yeah, I’m tired all the time. I asked the doctor for a script for some melatonin, just to try it out and see if it might help. Nup. She absolutely refused. I’ve tried all the herbal otc products but none work. I might have to find a new doctor.

A bonafide insomniac here. I take an antidepressant every evening. It no longer helps with my depression, but it does help to get me to sleep, if only for a few hours. If I don’t take it, I don’t sleep at all. And the next day I’m crazy with sleep deprivation. Even with the medication I’m awake all night, and don’t feel sleepy until about 5 a.m.

I’m lucky. Mr. Kite says that if there were an Olympics for speed in falling asleep I’d be a gold medalist.

And I can catch a cat-nap nearly any time or any place. In fact it’s what I do if I am in a situation where I have to wait and there’s nothing else interesting to do in the meantime. A quick, say ten-minute, cat-nap will give me a boost and I can awaken refreshed. Anything up to an hour makes me groggy and fuzzy-headed for the rest of the day and can interfere with my night sleeping.

So I don’t take a regular nap. I was in the habit of doing that every day during graduate school and it turned into a real nuisance. Wherever I was at nap time I couldn’t hold my eyes open.

Sigh. Mostly these days I sleep 3 hours, am up reading for 2 or 3 hours, then manage to sleep one more hour or so. It sucks. If menopause is going to make this worse, I just don’t know how to cope.

I’ve been sick. Last night I tried two NyQuil. No help. Melatonin sometimes helps, but not usually. I took two Tylenol PMs the other night. That was great, but I don’t want to do that regularly.

I have to lull myself to sleep with an hour or more of television - and usually something relaxing like a documentary or a mystery - but I sleep right through until my bladder is about to burst. Lots of times that’s about an hour before I want to get out of bed so I go back to sleep.

I don’t use an alarm clock anymore. I’ve got quite a rhythm going.

I’m a horrible insomniac (as is clearly evident by my 2am and 3am posts).

I’ve never slept well. Ever. Even as a baby my father would always complain that I woke up and stopped him from watching the evening movie.

I tried sleeping pills. They made me feel tired, but they didn’t make me sleep. They also made it much more difficult for me to get up in the morning.

I suffer from depression and stress that has insomnia as a side effect. Naturally, the more tired I get, the worse the depression gets. After many tries at something else, I told the doc that if I could just get a good night’s sleep, I could weather the other issues. So he gave me a prescription for an anti-depressant that didn’t work well for that but had the side effect of letting you sleep. And I do.

After two years on the stuff, I can get 8 hours of sleep without effort. In the beginning though it was 10 or so, which put a cramp in my work/life balance. I do find that I sleep very deep, not waking during garbage truck runs though I do wake for bathroom trips. Sometimes, I sleep so hard I strain muscles in my sleep. That bothers me but not as much as no sleep does.

On the drug, I’m much slower in the morning than I used to be. I was once a morning person. Now, I wake to a “sunlight” alarm clock now which does help me get moving faster.

Used to sleep well. Now I have a baby. Haven’t slept in six months, amazed to be alive.

I usually get up a couple of times a night. If it’s still several hours before I have to get up, I go right back to sleep. But if I wake up after 6:00, I can’t get back to sleep. My alarm is set for 6:45, but I think I’ve only been woken by it twice in the past year.

I never sleep well I stay up all night reading the straight dope. Damn you SDMB!!!

I’ve been diagnosed not long ago with moderate sleep apnea 28/13. So no. I should be getting a call from a doctor this month and likely get fitted for a CPAP. From what I hear, I’m soon going to realize what I’ve been missing. I’ve been walking around stupid all this time.

None of the above. I get enough sleep, just about, but I can’t sleep more than, say, seven hours, tops. Usually less.

I’ve heard of this “restless legs” thing. I have it. In spades. It always wakes me up, and it’s impossible to get back to sleep. I hate it. Don’t know what to do about it, though.

I used to get up every two hours to pee. Got a CPAP and now sleep through the night. Never have had a problem of going to sleep. Its immediate, less than a minute and I am asleep.