Do you still know people...

…called “Biff”, or “Fingers”, or “Lefty”, or “Moose”, or “Tiger”?

Thinking this is not a GQ question. :slight_smile:

I know a Biff and a Moose.


I know a Pidgeon.

I don’t know and never did know anyone with those names.

Even as a kid I have never know anyone with those names.

Seriously “Fingers”?

I am not sure I want to know how someone acquires that nickname:D

No really tell me please!

I think most of us know *of *a certain “Tiger”. Aside from that one, I had business dealings a few years ago with a woman named Tiger. One of the 20-somethings that moved in across the street is named “Buffy” (don’t know if she has a brother named Jodie or a best friend named Willow). There’s a male financial advisor where I work named “Greenleaf” and female one named “Tippy”.

On a totally unrelated note, I used to know a woman at the gym who was named D’artagnan and always went by her full name. She is the one that got me into the habit of calling rich old dudes “Yachty McShotglass”. She never saw the irony in that one.

One of my daughter’s friends since grade school has the last name of Burde (pronounced “birdie”). So, all of the kids called her Pidgeon; I honestly have no idea what her real name is. She’s 26 now.

No, but I’ll ask my friend Butch. Maybe he knows some.

New York to my mind is the birth place of the first three. I’m not sure. Moose is definitely from the West, while Tiger might have come from the old world. The name “Fingers” makes me think of pick pockets, or safe crackers, someone handy in a related trade.

My former boss is called Biff. His actual named is Eldredge.

I had a house-mate nicknamed Moose when I lived in Eugene, Oregon, one summer in the 1970s. She was a very petite blond girl.

People in my neighborhood in the Bronx used to have nicknames like Jack the Whack and Tommy Bullshit, but the neighborhood has changed.

I have a neighbor named Muffy. She does not look like the stereotypical WASP girl by any means. I also know someone who has Moose as one of her nicknames, mostly because she cosplays Sam from “Supernatural.” Also she looks a bit like Christine from “You Can’t Do That on Television,” but she was born a few years after it went off the air so she had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned it.

I know of a Tige. It’s pronounced like tiger without the r, according to his mother. He’s about four.

Had a friend nicknamed Moose when I was a teenager. Doubt anyone still calls him that.

Almost. When I lived in a jungle village in Mexico in 1998-99, my neighbor to the left was “Sapo” (toad), and to the right “Camarón” (shrimp). Everyone invariably called these young men by these names.

I work with a man named Biff.

<Bad “Russian” accent >
I know Møøse and Skvirrel…

My husband’s family contains an Easter, a Tippy, a Bubba and a Dearie.

I have a friend who goes by the nickname, Hummer I don’t know why I have never asked him but he accepts it quite well

In and just after high school, I knew a guy named Bob. I once called him Boob in front of one of his buddies, and the name stuck. Heh, heh! :smiley:

Dunno if he’s even still alive today.

I knew a guy named Butch (that was the name on his birth certificate). He named his son Butch. Though technically the son was Butch Lastname Jr, everyone called the son Butchie and the dad Butch.