Do You Support A Team That Hasn't Won A Championship Since You've Been Following Them?

I’m a Cubs fan, so I know what it’s like to have a team that had never won a championship since I’d been following them. Those days are over now, of course. And my Bears won the Super Bowl when I was a teenager.

All that leaves for me is the USMNT. Since I’ve been paying attention to the World Cup (1994) the USA men’s team has never made it past the Round of 16 (or is it 8?).

I’ve only been following MLS for a couple of seasons, but I’m sure the day will come for Chicago Fire, Sporting Kansas City, or Orlando City.

What about you, fellow Doper?

I only follow baseball and hockey.

I’ve been a fan of the NHL San Jose Sharks since they were founded in 1991. No Stanley Cup yet.

I’ve been a fan of the SF Giants since I was a wee child. They won their first World Series in 2010.

I’m an Atlanta fan, gods help me :frowning:

which is one reason why I revere Tom Glavine over Maddux, Glavine was on the hill in 95 and got the job done.

My name is ZipperJJ and I’m a Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Browns fan.

Basketball is my third favorite major sport. It was amazing beyond belief to see the Cavs win it all but the Indians and Browns are “my” teams.

Yes, I’m a Cleveland Indians fan (Major League baseball).

St. Louis Blues. Founded 1967. NEVER won a Stanley Cup.

When the team’s fans say they “bleed Blue,” they’re talking about slitting their wrists during the playoffs.

Most definitely, yes – although a lot of teams I cheer for are relatively recent expansion teams.

Tennessee Titans, 1997-present (and the pre-SB Seahawks before them, and the post-SB Dolphins before them)
Houston Rockets, 2000-present (no real team loyalty before then)
Nashville Predators, 1998-present (but before that was the Red Wings, so that was good)
USMNT, 1982-present; Netherlands, 1990-present; Huddersfield Town, 1999-present; Atlanta United, 2017-present; Nashville SC, 2018-present (other club teams I cheer for include Ajax and Barcelona, not to mention the USWNT and Portland Thorns – so I’m good on soccer championships.)

I support my hometeams (Pittsburgh), and while they’ve all won championships in my lifetime, I was only a year old the last time the Pirates won the World Series. So does that count? I wasn’t as much of a sports fan when I was a kid as I am now, admittedly, but I still believed in supporting MY team, if that makes sense.

Fortunately, the Steelers’ last two have been in more recent years (2005 & 2009), and the Penguins have won all five of their Stanley Cups since I was 12.

Cincinnati sports fan checking in. The Bengals have been to two Superbowls and never won one. They’ve been to the playoffs under Marvin Lewis seven times and are 0-7 under Lewis, whom now holds the distinction of being the losing-est NFL coach in playoff history (yay?).

The Reds were kinda always a placeholder for me for football, filling in dead time until training camp started for the Bengals. They’ve been to the playoffs a few times in recent years but were always beaten in the first round. The worst was the 5 game series loss to the Giants in 2010 (I think) when they had stolen two games from SF to go up 2-0 in the series coming back to the 'Nati for 3 in a row. All they had to do was win ONE game to advance. They of course lost all three. Still, they last won the series in 1991 and that was a GREAT team. Wire to wire baby!

Other than that we now have FC Cincinnati, a professional soccer team in the league that’s one step below MLS, and they have been fantastic.

Check out this video of them winning a game during penalty kicks with awesome saves by our keeper. Plus the city has really taken to the squad, and we’re getting ready to build them a stadium.

I’m not that big a football fan, but yeah, I support the Lions.

I was born in 1978 and they have never even been to the championship game.

As someone who was raised in Indianapolis, I’m an NFL Colts and NBA Pacers fan. I wasn’t fully cognizant of sports until 1994, though, by which time I was 12 years old.

I first started following the Pacers during their unexpected run to the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals, and I followed the Colts the year after that when they made it to the AFC Championship Game. The Colts have since won (and lost) a Super Bowl, so I’ll always have the memory of one of “my teams” winning it all. The Pacers got to the NBA Finals in 2000 but ran up against the Shaq/Kobe Lakers juggernaut. (I was proud that we took two games of the seven-game series, though).

As someone who now lives in Virginia, I became an MLB Washington Nationals fan during a week in which I was sick from work during the summer and had naught to do but watch the Nationals games on MASN. But by the end of that week, I was hooked. That must have been in 2007, or '08, or something. We were a crap team back then. We’ve won three division titles since then, but haven’t advanced past the opening round of the playoffs.

I grew up near Seattle. I’m not a massive sports fan, but what loyalty I do have is to Seattle teams. Was nice to see the Seahawks win a Super Bowl. I’d like to see the Mariners win a World Series; so far, they’ve never even been.

They got to the quarter finals in 2002 (jointly hosted that year by Japan and South Korea); beat Mexico 2-0 in the round of 16, lost to Germany 1-0 in the quarters.

Happy Philadelphia Eagles fan here!!!

Also a sad Flyers fan, I was too young to remember when they won the Stanley Cup.

Also a Philadelphia Union fan, and while I am NOT happy with the ownership, it’s only their 8th season.
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I follow and support mainly my hometown (Los Angeles Metro area) sports teams ever since I cn remember no matter how good or bad they are.

Team (last championship):

  • Dodgers (1988)
  • Angels (2002)
  • Lakers (2010)
  • Clippers (never)
  • Sparks (2016)
  • Kings (2014)
  • Ducks (2007)
  • Galaxy (2014)

Let’s omit the NFL teams for now. Although I was a Raiders fan while they were in LA for their Super Bowl win in 1983.

I had time to kill so I looked up the winners of the major American sports.
Man, Boston residents are spoilt. :eek:
Especially since until the 1990’s, with the exception of Basketball, they seemed to have won fuck all.

Teams I support: Soccer, AC Milan and Manchester United…so a current dry spell.
Cricket: Pakistan, all four of our ICC titles have been in my lifetime

I did until last year when the Houston Astros finally won the World Series. Even that championship didn’t erase the painful memory of the 1986 NLCS, however, and that’s because I was 9 years old at the time :(.

I’ve said the same, many times. Boston has won all four major championships since I moved here, some more than once.

The Bruins won the Stanley Cup twice, in '70 and '72. I’d have thought it was more, but that was before my time. I think that would be considered the Bobby Orr era.

Nats fan here. So yeah.

I don’t follow hockey, but there are a bunch of Caps fans in my office. Until last month, they’d have qualified.

Well, there’s the Columbus Blue Jackets, for whom winning a single playoff series would be greeted with fan delirium.

Not to mention Atlanta Braves fans.

Detroit Lions, I am nearing retirement age.