Do you take the SDMB to heart?

…or any message board for that matter? Do you find you actually don’t like people you’ve never met INR, does it bring you down if another poster pits you? On the flipside, does it brighten your day when you feel you’ve made a strong point, or are given accolades by other posters for raising a good topic or putting out a particularly good post?

It’s hard not to. You’re talking to actual people, regardless of whether or not you can see them in the flesh.

Of course I do.

[ul]We are all just a bunch of robots. :rolleyes:[/ul]

I find a lot of the content here nothing more that sophomoric blather. I get a chuckle every so often from some of the content. I tend to think a lot of the posters here would keep much of their rants to themselves if they found themselves in a room full of unrelated people. The anonymity encourages many here to post things that they would never have the courage to say in a public face to face setting.

OTOH there are some pearls of wisdom which can be gleaned from the mounds of muck though. You just have to have the patience to find them.

I do not need affirmation of my beliefs here. I have enough self composure and awareness to not have to seek approval from anyone here. I mainly read this out of sake from boredom or for the mere humor I can glean otherwise I have better things to do with my time. Sorry to sound so tough but I can’t see how a discussion board will solve any of the world’s problems when the posters won’t make a stand in real life.

But it must affect me in some way because I didn’t post in the ‘Pit’ until I was confidant and was strong enough to handle the backlash. I was afraid to use the ‘Pit’ for the first few months until I learnt not to be offended or insulted, now I think it’s fun and am not afraid to call someone on something.
If someone doesn’t agree with me I don’t care, yet it is heart-warming when someone tells you your words were helpful.

There was a situation here not too long ago that almost became a life or death matter (PLEASE DO NOT NAME NAMES).

Just before that, I had been arguing a point that this isn’t real life, it’s a message board. But, going through that made me realise that this a form of real life because it’s posted to by real people with real feelings…

I’ve made some online friends here that I hope continue or even get better when we finally meet face to face. I’ve dealt with some Dopers over the phone, via e-mail, and chatting, besides ongoing chat like threads.

I’ve been thanked for certain posts and ideas and I’ve been taken to task for certain biases I may still entertain. I’ve been a part of some of the most bitter and hotly contested issues, and have helped people rid their house of mice and bad Star Trek episodes.

So, yes to the OP.

Cool place, this Dope™

:dubious: I’m confused, was that supposed to be a cheapshot? I was asking in earnest, I’m pretty sure many posters here wouldn’t behave in the manner they do without the anonimity. I guess I tend to agree with SunTzu2u, I really don’t take offense and enjoy the occasional chuckle, pearl of wisdom, etc…

Nope, I visit mostly for the GQ and the occasional Café/IMO threads. I really don’t give a damn about anyone on here.

It’s entertaining, that’s about it. I think it’s funny to lurk in some of the GD and Pit threads just to watch people take themselves way too seriously while they foam at the mouth. As long as people keep the sharper weapons of “idiot” and “racist” on the shelf, everyone seems to get along just fine.

One thing I do find a bit concerning is that most people here think that a link to a website can prove information to be right or wrong, whatever the case may be. I don’t put a lot of faith in what I read in the newspapers, or what I see on TV and I put links to websites in the same category.

It’s pure harmless infotainment… well unless I go to a dopefest and meet the girl of my dreams, and buy her a giant yellow, man made diamond created in a Russian hyper compression machine, and then she dumps my ass… cause… well I don’t know…but I’m sure she had a good reason like an ex-boyfriend she was never really over, that came back into the picture after he got out on parole, and then I will cry a bitter, little tear, because I know I will never see her brainy, monkey sex love making, bad foreign film watching, veggie lasagna making kind again, and I will write bad poetry for a few weeks, and get on with my life, sadder but no wiser.

I try not to take it all too seriously, but then again, why would I participate if I didn’t take it seriously?

Since we are all technically publishing here, in one respect, there’s no difference between, say, Charles Krauthammer and those of us who post here.

Yes, I do invest emotions in the SDMB. Not as much as elsewhere, but I do care about quite a few of the people posting here.

I come here while at work, and I work in a job that can mean long hours with no actual action on my part, so having nothing else to do I have little choice but to spend hours browsing and occasionally posting here.

If this post were written on paper there’d be a bin full of screwed up sheets next to my desk. I can’t work out weither I take this place to heart or not.

I guess I do.

I know there have been times when I’ve worried about Dopers, prayed for them and thought about how they’re doing during odd moments throughout my day. I’ve been encouraged here and in a related board and I’ve met several fellow Doper’s IRL. (Hi you guys!)

I look forward to getting a couple hours free so I can spend time here.

Not really.

I used to care more when I had more time to post and read. Nowadays I don’t stop in as often as I used to. I haven’t made any great friends here, but there are a couple of people I deliberately avoid because of comments I happened across at some point.

I didn’t really enjoy the couple of the DopeFests I went to, though it was no fault of the people there, it just really isn’t my thing and I usually have a lot of other things I need to do.

Nope. I consider it about 90% entertainment, 10% useful research tool.

I’ve had a couple of incredibly hurtful, vicious things said to me here that upset me very much—then total strangers came rushing to my defense, which cheered me up no end.

I’ve also had my mind changed about religious people, having met some very intelligent and thoughtful ones here.

And I was told by a Certain Poster to “get down off your high horse and stop being so damned judgmental about other peoples’ livces and habits,” and I certainly took that to heart!

Kinda depends on who the comment is coming from. That’s one of the nice things about having frequented here for awhile… you have time to form an opinion on whose views you respect and whose that frequently are crap.

I don’t come here for validation but certainly have made some good friends here and yes, their opinion does matter.

I am not on any other board. WHo has time?!?!?!

Ah I have had my share of feelings hurt on this board.
There are certain people that simply make me cringe and I wish they would not respond to my posts.

There is only so much that can be conveyed in a post.
Sometimes I haven’t been able to make my intentions or feelings clear enough which has landed me in heated debates.

Some people I think are genuinly mean at heart and not only like to stir the pot but like to take shots at members.

I have often come to the boards with one rationale of thinking only to have others convince me to open my eyes and see with a different pair of glasses. I like this.