Do you take your glasses/contacts off when having sex?

I don’t wear glasses, but I had partners that always take them off first. Now, this makes me think that everything must look fuzzy to them without the glasses on. (?)

So, who is up to taking them off & why?

I remove mine.

Sure. The inflatable doll looks better when it’s all blurry.

Hmm… I don’t wear glasses, but I can remember a couple of occasions where I would have been grateful that I could take them off. Having sharp vision isn’t always a blessing in these situations!

Ike: :smiley:

When I have my glasses on, I take them off unless the sex is so spontaneous that I don’t have time. Otherwise, they can get in the way. As for the contacts, once things start heating up, why would anyone stop to go take their contacts out? That’s just strange.


Most people who wear glasses full-time are nearsighted. They can usually see things up to a certain distance without it appearing “fuzzy.”

And frankly, if you’ve gotten to that point, a little fuzzy isn’t going to matter a whole lot.

If I’m wearing my contacts, no, but I take 'em out before I go to sleep. If I’m wearing my glasses, yeah; they get in the way and I don’t want to break them.

My glasses certainly must come off when my days-of-the-week undies do. They’re a distraction otherwise and it’s harder to smooch without poking (in a bad way).

My glasses cost me enough that I’m not going to risk having them smooshed or broken. In fact, I take them off before getting into bed under any circumstances. I can see TV fine without them. As for up-close-and-personal activities, never been a problem not having the specs on. I can feel my way around as necessary…


When I wore glasses, yes. They were uncomfortable, got in the way a lot, bouncing off and the like. Lots of face touching and whatnot, kinda funny to have your glasses flung off your face in the heat of the moment, but kinda ruins it at the same time.

Now that I wear contacts, I take them out only long enough to put a new pair in. So they are in for sex.

I did sometimes, but mostly my partner did. It was a nice little way of saying, “OK, let’s get serious now…”

Hmm…something to suggest to the SDMB Flirt Society, I think.


For some reason, I find this funny, in a childish sort of way… :smiley:

I always take my glasses off. They just get in the way.

One time my partner (for lack of a better term) and I both had our glasses sitting on my nightstand. I got up to go to the bathroom when we were “finished” and I couldn’t figure out why everything was blurry. I had picked up his glasses by mistake. :smack:

I have often thought about contacts to be able to see “things” better during sex…

I take my contacts out. Then I put a blindfold on in case I accidentally get close enough to see anyway. Then I put a pillowcase over my head in case the blindfold falls off.

Glasses off.

Oh, andpravnik, you might want to slow down on the alcohol at those bars, so you can see what you’re taking home. :smiley:

I wear contacts now, and don’t take them out. When I wore glasses, I would take them off. If your glasses coming off isn’t a risk, you aren’t doing it right. :wink:

All too often, the beer goggles are left on.

I wear contacts, and I don’t take them out for anything. If I still wore glasses, I’d have to take them off–they could get hurt, after all --even though I’d be more than half blind without them. Yes, everything would be blurry, and I think that would suck. Thus, contacts.

If I’m wearing glasses, then yes, they must come off. It would be too uncomfortable otherwise.

With contacts, it depends. If the sex is after we’ve done the official end-of-the-day rituals (brush teeth, take out contacts, change), or first thing in the morning, then yes, they come out. If it’s more spontaneous, then they stay in.

My glasses usually stay on for at least part of the time. I like to be able to see what I am doing.

I’m very nearsighted and I usually take them off. They get in the way and I don’t care for the smudges of “face grease”. I can see everything I need to see real clear when I get very close…