Ask the girl with glasses

Q. Omg! Can I try them on?
A. No.

Some girls/women wear contacts rather than glasses, presumably because they think they look better that way. Any comments on that?

Is it true you get 10 times hotter as soon as you let your hair down and take your glasses off?

This isn’t a real “ask the x” thread!

I fail :frowning:

Do men make passes?

So you’re not really a girl? You’re really a flying ramen monster, with glasses?

It seems that glasses instantly ad IQ points if you are attractive. People take you more seriously for some reason.

Although everyone’s pretty much sure, can you confirm which one you’d rather get with: Daphne or Fred?

Well, I really am a girl with glasses (cite*), and my mom is always bugging me to wear contacts because my glasses “hide [my] beautiful eyes!” Every time I see her. Last time, I finally gave in and generously let her buy me an eye exam and contact lenses, which I dutifully wore for the duration of my visit. I’ve hardly worn them since. The thing is, there’s a very good reason that I wear glasses with dark plastic frames: I want to look geeky. One reason I want to look geeky is because I like geeky guys, and geeky guys are notoriously shy around women, so I want to make myself look more approachable. My last boyfriend loved my “nerd glasses” as he called them. I also like that my glasses make me look smarter.

Yes, yes it is. Well, the hair part anyway. The glasses part depends on whether you like geeky girls or not. I generally keep my hair up and my glasses on so as not to reduce every nearby heterosexual male to a puddle of drool, poor things.

Sometimes, but not usually the one’s I’m interested in.

Neither is sufficiently geeky for my taste.

I personally don’t think glasses make me look any better or worse, but I usually wear contacts because I don’t like the feel of metal or plastic on my face all day. I also enjoy peripheral vision.

Actually, I wear glasses myself, and I’ve worn them since I was about 4 years old, so I really cant remember a time before I wore them. And I’ve never worn contacts. I can understand not wanting something sitting on your nose and ears all the time, but I don’t have much problem with peripheral vision – perhaps because I have glasses with relatiively large lenses, occupying a large part of my visual field.

I might as well pop in too.

Giles: I’d try 'em if I could get past the sqeamishness of it. I actually did go in for tests, but they did something to check how watery my eyes are (no one else I’ve talked ot knows what the hell I’m talking about) and wound up both light-headed and naseous–I couldn’t finish, and decided against getting fitted. I found out later it was the eyedrops, not my nerves, giving me problems, as the same thing happened on a later visit–different test, but same drops.

Audiobottle–Hair down certianly helps, though I rarely put it up. Honestly, I think I look as good, if not better, with glasses than without. As most guys stare at my ass anyways, I doubt it matters much.


Slithy Tove–Daphne. Fred’s too much of a dork and I’m pretty sure Daphne has a pool 8)

If you made out with Woody Allen, and he took his glasses off, would he eventually end up wearing yours?

P.S. I won’t tell Soon Li.

:: sob ::
Where were you when I was in electronics school?


relents and lets me try them on

“Wow! You are really blind!”

I do look better with glasses. I get tons of compliments about my glasses (in addition to the “can I try them ons”) and am often told they suit me very well. I am also a fan of glasses of the geek variety.

My favorite is when you finally let someone try your glasses on and they come up with, “Wow, you’re really blind!” Actually, um, no. I can still see, which is why I wear glasses.

Actually you look more the earth mother type. And gorgeous. Healthily plump, kind and intelligent eyes, a face that glows… How ya doin?

Earth mothers wear shiny blue shirts? I always pictured them in browns and greens. Which, actually, I also wear a fair bit of. Hmmm.

And I’m doin’ jes fine!

I. Love. You. The world needs more Girls With Glasses! Yaaar!

Sorry, my innate pervert came out. I try to keep him bottled up. Ahem.

At the risk of TMI, your post alone is reducing this male to a puddle of drool. whimper I dunno if I could handle it in person.

(not that I particularly mind, you understand…)

–girls with glasses rock! :smiley:

:carefully steps around Sofaspud’s puddle of drool:

I have glasses. I don’t like them. Glasses get dirty at the drop of a hat, it seems, and my contacts are always clean. Ever since they came out with soft contacts for my prescription I’ve been happy as a bug.

I have a eye shape that puts me among only 2% of the population. Isn’t that fun? I was born with my condition, had eye surgery at age 10 to correct Lazy Eye.

My eyes are large and dark and expressive so I look much much better with the contacts.