Glasses or Contacts?

Allergy season is running on all cylinders right now so I have been spending most of my days in glasses. Personally, I have no real preference for either option. The reason I began wearing contacts was for football and other sports. I may not be blind or even that impaired but it certainly makes a difference in my ability to perform. Before HS, I wore glasses whenever I was not playing a sport. Now I have found myself wearing glasses based on the daily activities. If I might play a sport that day, then I will wear my contacts out of the house. Otherwise, I am all about the glasses because it is significantly less maintenance. Personally, I have never noticed much of a difference between Frosted in glasses and **Frosted ** in contacts. Recently, however, a female friend told me that I look significantly more attractive in glasses. After asking around, I found the consensus to be that glasses made me look better. I am only confused because people say that glasses hide eyes and most people that I know are attracted to eyes. Do you find people to be more or less attractive when they are wearing glasses? Do you think that glasses hide or enhance eyes?

FWIW, in public I have no distinct preference. I like girls with glasses and girls without glasses. If you have very pretty eyes I will be drawn in whether or not you are wearing glasses. For those intimate private moments, however, there is nothing hotter than a girl in glasses and her pjs.

I normally wear glasses, and I started wearing contacts for the same reason as you - to be able to play sports without having them smushed into my face every ten minutes. My own sense of it is that I look better (insofar as that is possible…) in glasses, but I wonder if that’s just because the glasses-encrusted look is much more familiar to me. I tend to have a slightly glazed expression when wearing contacts, not unlike one I would wear if my head had come into contact with a brick recently - this has been pointed out by a couple of friends, and I still insist that it’s just because they’re not used to me in contacts either.

No particular preference, but I think it depends very much on the style of glasses. Huge, clunky industrial-strength frames can hide eyes, while light, thin frames can be very attractive. I have a friend who turns into the instant sexy secretary/librarian stereotype when she wears glasses, and I find that insanely attractive. Perhaps it’s an indication that I’m drawn to somewhat serious people, and wearing glasses does tend to make one look studious and (to my eyes, at any rate) attractive. I think that so long as you can see their eyes clearly, there’s nothing lost to glasses - but having said that, it can be a very intimate act to remove them and look deeply into someone’s eyes. Both are good.

Btw… if your glasses are made of frosted glass I’m not surprised they hide your eyes. :wink:

I love glasses, and I think that the right pair can really transform a person’s face. They don’t hide the eyes, they draw attention to them. Especially if you’re farsighted, in which case they have a slight magnifying effect.

I usually wear contacts, simply because my eyes are really bad, and I like having the periforal vision that glasses don’t give me. When I wear glasses, it’s a fashion choice rather than a practical one. I have a few pairs, all chosen for their way of making me look fabulous.

I usually wear extended-wear contacts (chuck’m in and then change them once a month.)

I prefer the contacts on me because glasses need cleaning, and even when they’re clean they can still give the impression you’re looking through a couple of windows.

I have no preference on other people. I agree that a nice pair of glasses can draw attention to attractive eyes.

I ditched my glasses at 16 and have wore contacts ever since. I don’t like wearing glasses. It just doesn’t suit me.

As for other people, it depends. Some people look better with glasses, others without.

Eyeglasses, hands down. I tried wearing contacts a few years back and was able to for about a year or so. Then I started having problems putting them in/taking them out, and my eyes were irritated all the time. At which point I said: screw this, it’s back to glasses for me.

I haven’t owned glasses in six years. I haven’t worn them in 11. I just hate them to pieces.

It depends on the person, of course. And if the frame is fitted well. And a good color for them. How could I say which one is better?

On myself, though, I am trying to get people to forget I ever wore glasses.

I am totally the opposite on this one - glasses are significantly MORE maintenance for me. My glasses always get dusty, sweaty, and generally disgusting really fast whenever I wear them for more than a short while, for some reason. Plus, to look good in glasses, I have to have actual clothes on and look decently nice - if I have my glasses on with normal athletic stuff for sitting around the house, unkempt hair, etc, I get pushed into hopelessly dorky. Girls tend to think I’m cute in glasses, but it’s just generally way too much of a pain in the ass compared to contacts. Plus, if a pickup game of hoops were to break out, I’d be screwed 'cause I wouldn’t be able to play!

Also, I’m REALLY blind, so glasses leave me with a disturbing lack of peripheral vision. A ninja assassin could totally sneak up on me and I’d never even see them. Not that I’d see them anyways, but this way I wouldn’t even have a chance!

When your prescription is a -10, glasses are very thick and heavy. I wore them from age 8 to 18, and developed a bump on the bridge of my nose from them. Since getting contacts at 18, and getting that bump surgically repaired, I never wear glasses anymore. I do own them, because I don’t wear my contacts for sleeping and if there was a fire I wouldn’t have time to put them in and I wouldn’t be able to see to get out. But other than the fire scenario, you wouldn’t catch me with my glasses on, ever.

I wear both and (if I may say so myself) have very pretty eyes. Wearing glasses does not diminish the number of compliments I get on my eyes vs. wearing contacts. If you have nice glasses that look good on your face and antireflective coating on the lenses (which should be mandatory!), then your eyes should still be very noticable.

I prefer contacts because they are more comfortable for me and my vision use to be slightly better in contacts (I have a weird prescription, nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other). However, recently my vision in contacts has gotten worse (astigmatism) and I can see better with my glasses, so now I choose glasses or contacts based on my activities for the day. Lots of reading = glasses. Lots of activity, especially dancing = contacts.

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was five, which is almost 43 years. I can’t bring myself to put anything in my eyes, even drops. A large, vividly graphic poster at the optometrist’s office put an end to any question I had about wearing contacts. It showed photos of all the things that could possibly go wrong from improper use, or having herpes germs on your fingers, etc. It was enough to put me off contacts, period. Having worn glasses for this long, I’d feel naked without them. Besides, I couldn’t see well enough to put contacts in my eyes in the first place.

There’s only one phobia I have, and that’s ANY contact with my eye. I can take dentist visits, blood donations, and shots without flinching, even watching with amusement. I totally wimp out and break down when the doctor pulls out that little thing designed to measure eyeball pressure. They usually wind up having to “feel” my eyeballs with their thumbs with my eyelids closed because I’m such a baby about it. I put on contacts once… for 5 seconds… and that totally scared me, creeped me out. I’m not convinced of their safety, besides.

Oh, and to answer your question: glasses on myself, obviously. On another person, probably contacts, because that way, you can have fun being mean to them with a “but you’d look SOOOOO sexy in these red-and-yellow striped contacts!” On a purely aesthetic level… no preference.

Contacts, no question.

Why walk around with a big metal contraption on your face when you can see perfectly clearly with absolutely no pain or discomfort, or even physical awareness of the existence of contact lenses? I spend 20 seconds a day putting them in and taking them out, tops.

I hate glasses. With that being said, I’ve got to wear em. My eyelashes are too long and apparently my eyes are too small for me to get contacts in. Lord knows I’ve tried. I even had a lady at the eyeglass place yell at me becaues I couldn’t get them in.
With the sports, the working out, and convenience, I want lasik, dammit.

I wear Accuvue lenses night and day for a week at a time. Toss every month.
Only take them out one night a week too clean and soak while I sleep, or when I wash them when they feel dusty.

I have no backup glasses, so I have to keep spares around at all times so I can drive. (I’m -5.0 diopters, which is too nearsighted to drive with no correction)

Lots of people look good in glasses, but I am not one of them. I have had to wear them for the past couple of years, after developing some sort of bizarre allergy to my beloved contacts. I miss them so! I’m hoping to get new ones this summer of some new wonder-substance, but I don’t know how I’ll react.

Most of the reason I look so bad in glasses, however, is the amazing badness of my sight; I’m over -14, so the lenses are quite distorting and heavy. People with light corrections often look great in glasses.

Now I don’t feel so blind with my -10.

Have you considered LASIX?

I have, but I was told you can’t wear your contacts for two weeks before the surgery, and there’s no way in hell I’m going out in public with my glasses on for two whole weeks.

The new contacts are just wonderful. I now have the Acuvue Oasys and love them! I’m an optician in an optometrist’s office and so far everyone loves the Oasys, and have had good look with the Advance as well. The Acuvue Advance, Advance for Astigmatism, and Oasys are made with a new silicone hydrogel material that is more oxygen permeable and therefore more healthy for the eye, but also just amazingly comfortable.

Because the Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism didn’t work for my prescription, I opted to go with the spherical Oasys instead of a toric lens because they are just so much more comfortable. I sacrificed a little bit of visual accuity for it, but it’s worth it (which is why I need to wear my glasses sometimes. It’s not much though, just a half a diopter of cylinder). I am looking forward to the day when they perfect the toric lenses in the new materials.