Do you think Carrie-Anne Moss is hot?

I’ve always been on the fence with this chick.

There are moments when I see her and think she’s hot, but there’s also the other 9/10 of the time when I see her in action and think, “It’s a man, baby! Burn it!”


I don’t find her unattractive, and she has a somewhat nice figure, but I think she’s pretty average. Not unattractive, not attractive.

I liken her with Gillian Anderson/Agent Scully on the X-Files. When C-A. M. is portraying Trinity, or Gillian as Dana, I find them extremely hot. However, when they are themselves, or portraying other characters, the boinkability isn’t always there.

For that matter, when Gillian is Gillian, she’s one I’d turn down cold for reasons of politics. GA makes Ed Asner look like Ronnie Reagan. C-AM isn’t that bad in my mind, and I don’t know if she is even into the hippy-dippy-leftist-pinko stuff, but when she was in Red Planet with Val Kilmer, I didn’t really care about her because the character was uninteresting and essentially eye candy.

To put a point to this ramble, I find myself in lust with a character that doesn’t always translate to the acting babe doing the work.

Could someone translate this for me?


So when you’re fantasizing about doing it with certain celebrities, their politics matter to you?

Me, I just fantasize them with different politics.

Or better yet, I fantasize that I’ve shown them the light, and made them understand that they need to be disciplined for their former ignorance.

Then, out come the restraints, the hot candle wax, the riding crop…
Sorry. What were we talking about?

She’s hot.

So is Franke Jansen.

Always get those two mixed up.

Hotish. Not on fire, though. Maybe I’m overly influenced by her role in the Matrix, in which she was too masculine for my taste. :slight_smile:


I go with “not.” They’ve got to film her juuuust right.

She kinda looks like a plucked chicken.

Famke, though. Yow.

Well, she certainly looks sexy when dressed in black latex, but I find her face to be a bit too masculine for my tastes.


I’ve never found her to be hot. I think it started with the dance club scene in which she and Neo first meet. She wore an outfit which displayed her back.

It may have just been the lighting, but her back is so bony it turned me off a bit.

Never found Carrie Ann Moss terribly attractive. Just my opinion.

My problem with her in the last Matrix movie was, she had no chemistry with Neo, the man the script says she’s in love with. This would be forgiveable, if it didn’t become such a major plot point at the end of the movie.

Attractive, yes. Hot, no.

She looks much better with longer hair. To me that is the litmus test. A truly hot chick gets me cranked up when she sports a radically short do for a while.

When Carrie Ann Moss has longer hair, I find her quite attractive. When it’s very short, like in the Matrix flicks, less so.


Well, Michael, based on the fact that you want to marry ME, I’m not surprised that you don’t find Carrie-Ann attractive.

No, not really.

I think she needs to eat a couple of cheeseburgers. Then we’ll talk. She’s so skinny I’d be afraid I’d break her.

When her hair is in Matrix mode, she’s a dead ringer for Whistler’s Mother. So that would put me in the “no” category.