Do you think Chris Hardwick is funny?

Copycatting the Daniel Tosh thread and self explanatory.

I think he can be funny and a great host, but between @Midnight (which would be funny if it were weekly instead of nightly) and all the Talking ___ shows and talk show appearances and podcasts he has gotten way overexposed. He also tends to pandering.

Plus he’s made his bones waving his nerd flag; exactly how much nerd cred do you have left if you’re marrying a billionaire supermodel?

(He’s still totally shaggable, though.)

I fell into The Nerdist podcast and @Midnight at pretty much the same time. Not like I made a plan to become a fan boy by virtue of immersion, but I kind of did.

That said, I think he’s better as a show host (podcast, The Talking Dead, convention panels) than as a stand up.

I remember watching him on Singled Out and thinking his ad libs were way better than any of the writing and usually completely lost on the audience.

I prefer him on Talking (whatever) and his podcast (which I haven’t listened to in ages) to anything else. His standup is really forced.

I still remember him as half of Hard 'n Phirm. Still a fan.

I’ve never listened to his stand up so I can’t vote on how funny he is in that context but as a host, I’m in his target audience so I voted Big Fan but based on him being entertaining not funny.

I thought he was great on Shipmates. I can’t say I’ve followed him since.

My only exposure to him has been Talking Dead and Talking Saul. I knew he did the Nerdist podcast, but I didn’t know that he did standup. He’s a good host, and is funny on the Talking shows, but sometimes he seems, as Sampiro pointed out, to be pandering. It seems that he also tries too hard to be funny sometimes in an interview rather than allow the conversation to happen naturally, to allow the guest to be the focus.

I will say, though, that I’m a little down on him because of his appearance, which is probably unfair. I’m not a fan of the unshaven look or the skinny ties and skinny suits

I didn’t know he was supposed to be funny.

I’m old enough to remember Bert Convy, the host of Super Password and other gameshows who was in his 50s but dressed like a 20-something Miami Vice wannabe club kid. I’ve called people who dress way too young Convy’s ever since, and Hardwick is definitely a Convy.

This. He’s never struck me as being a comic.

I remember him on Singled Out. I’ve always thought his biggest strength was either hosting or moderating a talk show. And yeah, pimping Xfinity.

Me, too. I don’t really think of him as a comedian, per se. I remember one time my wife heard his name in some context, and asked me who he was. The best answer I could come up with was, “He hosts things.”

As a host, I think he’s pretty good.

This. I had no idea he did stand up. I’ve only seen him on the various Talking Whatever shows, and some adverts. He seems engaging enough, but uproariously funny? Not so much.

Well, I live in his hometown, so I may be biased, but I think he’s decently funny. I don’t normally watch “Talking” whichever show, so I only really know him from “@Midnight.”

I generally don’t like the people who are from Louisville (Joan Osborne, Jennifer Lawrence, Ned Beatty, Wax Fang, My Morning Jacket, etc), but Hardwick seems like a nice enough guy.

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His Funcomfortable special was just on Comedy Central and it was very good.

He’s hosting yet another new show, so I agree with the overexposedness. But this is his moment and he’s right to suck up all the money he can because it won’t last. I don’t know him from anything else than @midnight, but that’s one of my favorite shows. I ain’t complaining.

I agree with Harpo; the recent stand-up special was a good one. Hardwick is bright, well-informed, and reasonably quick-witted. He also does a few good impressions (and, admittedly, a few less-good ones).

I know him primarily from The Nerdist podcast, and later the few episodes I’ve seen of @midnight. I voted “yes, big fan,” but that’s primarily for his hosting abilities. I don’t know of his standup, but he’s entertaining and amusing in his other roles. Not LOL funny, but just right for the subject matter.

…He’s funnier than Daniel Tosh?

( …is that setting the bar too low…? )

My feelings exactly. Apparently his job is to be maximally annoying with no discernible skills at anything.

Just annoys me with the way he rushes through 50,000 words in a 10 second promo. Always sounds like someone on speed who desperately needs to tell you all of this before he runs out of breath.

I’m a pretty big fan. I love his Talking shows and I’m a fan of @midnight. I’d seen some earlier standup that wasn’t very good, but his most recent Funcomfortable was a huge improvement.