Do You Think President Obama Manscapes?

I was on the subway yesterday and I heard one young woman ask another this question. Got me to laughing…And thinking?

Manscaping: Defintions

  1. To groom a man. Shaving, waxing, cleaning up the superfluous fur

  2. A term used to define male grooming below the belt

Well what do you think?

I would assume that with his schedule he has someone to do that for him.

You forgot to include “why the fuck are we even thinking about this?” in your poll.

Hell, no, he doesn’t manscape. He’s the President! The Leader of the Free World[sup]TM[/sup].

His great big bolshi yarblockos are completely carpeted in pubes the size of hawsers and twice as tough. He can only shave with depleted uranium blades, and then only once per blade. Chuck Norris envies his chest hair.

Manscape? With a flamethrower, maybe.

Looking at the famous swimsuit photo, it’s clear that the man has no chest hair, which may or may not indicate waxing. However, I believe I can see a tiny wisp of belly hair peeking out from his suit, which tells me he does not shave “down there,” which to me is the only definition of manscaping.

I so did not want to have those words put into my head.

I didn’t know that was something that men even did? Why?

So we females don’t get our teeth flossed while blowing you.

I put that he manscapes, just because he seems like the type who cares about grooming and his appearance. I took manscaping to be any grooming of those manly bits. I don’t think he shaves*, but I bet he trims. Michelle doesn’t seem like the type who would put up with anything less.

*Why am I even thinking about this!?

It’s fashionable in gay*, metrosexual, and some nudist circles. And less pubic hair makes the genitals appear larger (though IMHO getting ride of all of his pubic makes a man look like a prepubecent boy which I haven’t been into since I was one). This is the first President in my lifetime who’s penis I don’t mind thinking off.

*Well obviously not among Bears.

You left out “I think he does, but I wish he (and every other man) would stop.”

I really, really hate seeing a man with dainty eyebrows. And men who are not thin should have some body hair.

I just don’t know how anyone does it without themselves really itchy.

Obama doesn’t but Glen Beck does.

I don’t fuck any gay, metrosexual, or nudist males; I fuck regular guys who hunt and play football and other manly shit. Every single one of them has trimmed their damn pubes (and not at my request, they were already doing it when we met).

I voted “Other” because that was the closest answer to “don’t know, don’t care, and can’t imagine why anyone would ever come up with this question in the first place”

Trimming the hedge makes the statuary look larger. Supposedly.

This must be a generational thing. I never heard of any guy doing this in my day. Certainly none of the dudes I knew. Not even the gay dudes.

I blame porn. Everybody thinks they’re supposed to shave their pubes now.

A girl stopping to pull hairs out from between her teeth always amuses me. :slight_smile:

That might be it, actually. Any guy I’ve slept with under 30 does it- just like all women I know at the very least trim their bikini area. And if porn is to blame- thank you, porn.

Yeah, but where does she fall in the “shave/trim” spectrum? I suppose that’s a question for another poll.