Do you think suicide is coward's way out?

The people who say suicide is coward’s way out are not able to feel sympathy, and humiliate those who killed themselves to feel better.
It’s not right to make fun of physically/mentally challenged/disabled people, why would you make fun of depression? Also, it takes balls to kill oneself. – yes, I know keep living everyday despite challenges might take balls more than quitting.
And, to those who make fun out of the ones who killed themselves: Imagine if someone you really like get hit by a truck and die, would you like if somebody made fun of it? "ROFL what a noob look at the legs, all crushed, idiot!"Do you think suicide is coward’s way out?

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We just had a discussion about this topic in IMHO. The consensus was that suicide is not necessarily cowardly or selfish. Sometimes it can be both or it can be one or it be neither. Depending on the motive.

It certain is the ultimate in a lack of faith in God.

Perhaps if god wasn’t such a prick, there would be fewer suicides.

A silly argument; if anything faith in God encourages suicide. By, say, piloting a plane into a building.

Here is the recent thread on the topic.

I will restate what I said in that thread: A suicidal person needs help, not condemnation.

No, just dont do it where someone who cares about you won’t unexpectantly find your body.

No, it isn’t.

But you should not care about what people say that are against your convictions.

Suicide is a serious act committed by people who are in a very disturbed state of mind. There’s nothing funny about it. It’s unfortunate that our society ignores this problem but don’t give credence or value to anyone who says it’s to be criticized and made fun of, and not dealt with the seriousness it should.

I would say it depends on the reason for suicide. Many if not most people who kill themselves could be helped in one manner or other. But I can’t fault someone who is in horrible pain and there is no functional relief except to be drugged into a stupor. That’s not living. There was an excellent program on PBS that followed a man through the process. He had ALS and I certainly supported his decision.

No. Our attitude toward suicide is literally medieval - you are your lord’s property and you are depriving him of your services. I am very much in favor of Dr. Kavorkian’s efforts on behalf of the terminally ill, and would extend that to include the hopelessly miserable. Many quadraplegics manage to suicide. There are messy details to consider - mainly how to minimize the impact on others and properly say good bye.

My cousin’s 14 year old son committed suicide by hanging himself in the family garage. His 16 year old sister found him Easter morning 2010. Suicide runs in our family.

That boy’s father committed suicide by shooting himself when his diabetes demanded his leg be taken. He never got over the loss of the leg and would rather be dead than live that way. Wonder if it ever dawned on him, even for a minute, what hell he was leaving behind for his children?

Depression and suicide are almost certainly hereditary and are treatable. To what degree, we can’t predict. But I definitely support medical and mental help for people who are depressed.

In a child, such as my cousin’s son, I would attribute his suicide to overwhelming feelings. Young people’s bodies go through so much, hormonally speaking, to change the body from a child to an adult. I think that’s why so many teens commit suicide or threaten to. If they could just hold on a few more years, those hormones will settle and they should be okay.

Children whose heritage dictates early treatment and prevention should be carefully watched by their parents or guardians.

Regarding adult choices? I’m not so sure. You would think the adult person would look around and decide that death sucks, and that there are people who need you to live. Killing yourself when you have minor dependents is a vile act. I don’t know whether I feel sorry for that person or angry at what they’ve done to their children.

In my story, MAYBE if the father hadn’t committed suicide and had gotten help, then MAYBE his 14 year old son would have had a chance.

There are as many reasons as there are people. Some are selfish, some are just plain sad.

Having had a siucide very close to me and can say that, at least in that case. it wasn’t about courage or lack thereof. It was “simply” being too fucking tired, more a prolongued nap than an escape. Also, mental stability was very weak.

Yeah, like those priests offering themselves to get killed instead of other concentration camp victims.
Man, you’re slipping. It took you to reply #6 to start threadshitting with your prepackaged paranoid answers, it’s usually #3 or 4.

If there was any threadshitting, it was that turd about the sky pixie.

Even if you know God doesn’t exist, it doesn’t negate that some people - deluded as they may be - actually do beleive in the aforementioned sky pixie and his rules. For a Christian to commit suicide while with a clear mind is a definite lack of faith.
Of course, most people who commit suicide are not particularly clear-of-mind so judging a suicidal person’s action,s even by deluded sky-pixie standards, is somethng you have to be careful about.

Because invisible spirits have nothing to do with whether suicide is a cowardly act. It was just a thread shit.

They do, if you beleive in them, their (non)existance notwithstanding.

I consider suicide a viable option for me in the future if my health ever gets to the point, I can no longer get much good out of it, and I’m a burden to myself and others. Nor do I want to stick around long enough to let the hospitals bleed my estate dry to the very end when the last dollar has ran out on my insurance companies, which would lead to my loved ones get nothing. I see nothing cowardly about it, and some cases such as these, a very unselfish act, and mental illness had nothing to do with that decision.

Not following this. If the original god post said suicide reflects a lack of faith in god, why would god have any relevance at all? Does not compute.

You know? I thnk I misunderstood what you were commenting on.
I imagined the reply meaning “You can only commit suicide after losing the faith you had” whereas you took it to mean (and i can now see it’s the more probable meaning) “you can only commit suicide if you have no faith in god”.
My bad