Do you think the MCU will recast Tony Stark and Steve Rogers?

You could make a good Fantastic Four movie. The problem is that the time to make it was years ago. We’ve had three pretty bad ones now, and it’s probably going to be hard to start up and go at this point.

Anyway, Captain America as a superhero identity may end up being passed to Bucky Barnes. It’s not guarranteed, but it is possible. I don’t think Disney wants or need another Iron Man, though. It’s really well associated with RDJ, and that’s enough. Marvel was able to fire up an entire series of movie, and they have huge new opportunities to go forward with. With only a few slots to release in any given year, it’s going to be hard to add another Cap or Iron Man movie to the pile for a long time.

Spider-Man: Homecoming was both well made and well received, and that was after two bad Andrew Garfield movies and one dumpster fire of a Toby McGuire film. I don’t think it’s impossible to make a good FF movie at this point. I’d certainly be up for seeing Marvel try, if only to bring Dr. Doom into the MCU.

One thing that just occurred to me, Captain America and Iron Man happen to be the two big Avengers without a secret identity. Makes someone like Bucky taking up the mantle a bit more of a stretch.

That’s a pretty large “except”. Jackman has been the de facto star in the X-Men franchise. Stewart’s been the second biggest star. With those two out, the current cast is a lot weaker.

At the second level Jennifer Lawrence is pretty much done playing Mystique; her contract’s done and she would only agree to a one movie extension. I think Ian McKellen is done playing Magneto. Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool has become an almost separate franchise. Which means Evan Peters is probably the biggest star in the current X-Men cast - and the MCU already killed off his character.

So if the MCU decides to bring in the X-Men they might decide to just reboot the characters and the actors.

Bob Iger sez:

Why are these the only two options? You don’t need a reboot or origin story. Just continue with new actors wearing the Iron Man armor and carrying Cap’s shield, who answer to “Tony” and “Steve” respectively, and people will get the idea, just like they did with Mystique or Bruce Banner.

I’m with you except for one point: I think the first Andrew Garfield movie was excellent, better than any of the Toby Maguire movies in fact. I agree with your take on the other three Spidey films you reference though.

That’s one reason I think the smart movie would be to retire the characters of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers along with Robert Downey and Chris Evans. Let Cheadle and Stan play the heroes as different people.

Because then if the series is getting stale sometime around 2028, you have the potential to bring back Robert Downey as Tony Stark as the original Iron Man and Chris Evans as Steve Rogers as the original Captain America. If these guys have been out of the series for a few years, their return can be made into an event.

But make it a return from retirement not from death. Because having dead characters come back to life has already become a cliche in the MCU and it’s going to get a lot worse. (Admit it. We all know those characters who died in Avengers III will be back by the end of Avengers IV.)

Same way that the woman who played Elizabeth II in the first seasons of The Crown wasn’t the actor with the biggest salary. Individual negotiations in which the employee doesn’t know how much other people are getting, and which are based in part on how long your CV is and what reputation you have.

Yeah, it’s called The Incredibles.

I think the best route is the kill/retire the characters and then let them rest a while. Basically what Omniscient said. While I like Infinity War, it has shown how absolutely massive and borderline unmanageable their cast of heroes has become if you want to maintain the MCU as a coherent universe. Getting rid of some of the established heroes is actually a good move at this Point, to make it plausible that your newer Batch handles the next crisis without the ever looming question of “Where are Cap and Iron Man?” The same reason that killing of the all knowing SHIELD was a great idea, in order to have niche superheroes Pop up without being immediately snatched up by them.
I do have my doubts about the X-men in this same Universe, but at least you could have the excuse that they have been hiding all of the time due to their fear of being hunted. And just when they were ready to come out (pun intended), Sokovia happened - not exactly a perfect time to reveal yourself as an uncontrolled super.
Most speculation is mood until we know how they will handle the Infinity Gauntlet RetCon - it is obvious there will be one, but the how and the extent will shape the next wave of MCU movies for sure.
The new Leadership role will probably go to Cpt Marvel, btw - she would be perfectly placed to do so, with her being the oldest hero minus Cap and her having a big role in the next Avengers.

I think Tony Stark is too valuable a brand to let it languish. Plenty of actors would make a great Tony Stark–Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jon Hamm, Gael Garcia Bernal, Johnathon Schaech; I’d love to see Bruno Mars screen test for the role!

I don’t know if it’s impossible but they feel redundant to me. None of the characters are particularly interesting on their own and the “family dynamic” is done better already in the MCU with Guardians of the Galaxy.

I think they’ll just move on to new characters. The next ten years will be dominated by T’Challa and Captain Marvel.

Umm, y’know, we’ve already seen the best Iron Man replacement in the suit…

Is Cheadle getting too old? Is Bucky likable, and have enough of a personality?

As a Marvel reader for well, over a half century, I notice that they often change the bearer of the shield, of the suit, of the hammer. ‘Rhodey’ was the only other Iron Man, but eleven different people were “Cap” at one point (one of them was Bucky), and an assortment of characters wielded Mjolnir (Is it time for a Beta Ray Bill franchise? I’ll buy a handful of tickets right now!)

I think in the near future it is more likely new characters take the Mantle of Iron Man and Captain America (although it isn’t the same as the comics, for the films I could see Falcon take over the Iron Man suit and Bucky wear the stars and stripes).

In the long term, for sure. There will be a reboot/remake of all of these movies at some point and they will have new actors.

Exactly. Move on with new characters. Drop a reference here and there to the fallen. Then, 10 years from now (or after the first big flop) you can tease a return of some sort.

“Tony Stark’s dead, man.”
“I don’t care. Someone is flying around in his suit.”

Then an unmasking of the new Iron Man.

Rinse, lather, repeat as necessary.

It happens all the time, but it’s always a temporary marketing gimmick. The writers have even admitted as much.

But I would still watch a Beta Ray Bill movie. Ragnarok proved that audiences accept the Walt Simonson “cosmic Thor” style, so it could totally be done. (And wasn’t that BRB’s likeness on the Grand Master’s arena?)

I have no idea what Marvel’s going to do, and I’m sure that it depends on what the actors are up for. Given the events of the last movie, and the history of the comics, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the next one ends in a universal reboot. It’s a great excuse to change whatever you want. Remember that awful “Heroes reborn” storyline from the 90s? Just have the actors you want to get rid of sacrifice themselves to reset the universe, and the new version of the universe they create has new actors, boom, sorted.
In addition, the comics have been bringing in a new generation of legacy heroes with mixed success- Miles Morales as Spiderman seems to be getting popular, Ironheart replacing Ironman seems to be ignored- but it seems to indicate they are aware of the problem.

If they want to make Pepper Potts a superhero, I think it’d make more sense to build off of the Extremis thing. Yeah, Tony “fixed” her… but does that mean that he made her non-Extremis, or does it mean that he fixed Extremis so it doesn’t blow up any more? Given the strong theme in that movie of him trying to protect her, I think he’d jump at the chance to make her basically unkillable.

That said, Potts has been back-burner for long enough (contract negotiations with Paltrow?) that I think it might be jarring to bring her back now, at least not without another Downey-headlined Iron Man movie to re-introduce her.

How so? I can think of three cases, and two are from Daredevil (and the third is arguable).

Mostly because the majority of them have (or had, in the case of the Guardians) new movies scheduled. (I’d draw a line of separation between those that died - Loki, Gamora, most of the Cull Obsidian - and those who were Snapped - basically everybody else - but I’d not be surprised if the resolution brought back the dead ones, too.)

Loki “died” and came back in The Dark World, Hel’s armies died at some unspecified point previous and came back in Ragnarok, Sutr also came back from death in the same movie, Red Skull died in Captain America and came back in Infinity War, and Dr. Strange died a gazillion times in a row in his movie.

Ugh…if there is one character I would really like to see die, it is Pepper Potts. She’s devolved from being a legitimately helpful sidekick/Girl Friday in the original Iron Man to just a complete nag. (“Tony, stop saving the world from alien invasions and come back here right now!”) Admittedly, Stark creates many of his own problems and is generally a jerk to everyone including Pepper, but she is a facilitator of his emotionally stunted behavior and yet is shocked, shocked when he acts like an obtuse man-child. I certainly don’t want her as an Iron Woman replacement. Shuri, or Harley the Potato Gun Kid, or even Happy Hogan (although the way Favreau is blowing up he’s going to have to use the Hulkbuster suit by default) would be a better Iron Man replacement than Screechy Pepper Potts.