Do you think when Obama is president he'll still e-mail us all the time?

I’m half serious, here. I know most of the daily e-mails I get from the campaign are requests for more money, and of course that will stop, but I wonder if we’ll continue to get “state of the nation” type stuff from Obama after he’s elected. What say you?

Dear God I hope not. I get too many political emails as it is.

I don’t know, that might be kind of neat. Updates on the nation, stuff coming up to congress, stuff like that. Otherwise you just hear the stuff through the news, and if it isn’t scandalous or sexy or controversial you don’t hear much.

Here’s to hoping that once a new President, Barack Obama, is in the White House, our emails will get a response.

I don’t know about email, maybe if he started the first presidential blog…

This would be the shit. hahah… I would read it everyday!

Maybe someday the President won’t bother to appear before Congress to deliver his State of the Union speech; he’ll just post it on YouTube.
Actually, having made the joke, and thinking seriously about it, I wonder if it might not become a realistic possibility. But before anybody complains about Constitutional requirements to deliver the address in person, there are no such obligations. A number of previous presidents, basically everyone between Jefferson and Wilson, fulfilled this obligation by sending in a written report. Also, it’s not called an Address in the Constitution; it says “provide information from time to time,” or some such. Which also means it doesn’t have to be annual, either. So there’s no legal reason why posting it on YouTube wouldn’t be kosher. No legal reason: just political reasons.

Yeah, and McCain’s lackeys will continue to call me with gossip six times a day.

Computerside chats.

I’d kinda like a State of the Union email every month.

Could that even be possible? What mailing list would he send that to;

Even if it did work you would get dozens of emails sent by of idiots who replied to all asking to be removed from the mailing list.

Me too, gives the average citizen a sense of engagement in gov’t, and --Oh No-- a president I can say I’m proud of.

I’d actually like receiving e-mails from him if they weren’t simply asking for donations.

President’s Log
Day 93 in Office

“Scheduled to throw out first pitch at Wrigley, but left after another assassination attempt. Those guys are persistent.”

Or as Leo McGarry put it, “He could buy congress a subscription to the New York Times and he’s fulfilled his constitutional duties.”

This thread title made me laugh.

I honestly believe it’s the reason his donation drive has been so successful- I am numbered among the multiple-donators and have usually had to brace myself before opening those emails as it’s been too easy to give $15 here and “just $5” there. Makes me feel good (I regret none of it), but when I recently added it all up, no wonder that dude has such a surplus! :smiley:

Hell, I’m still getting e-mails from John Kerry!

I get an emailed newsletter from my Congressman every quarter or so. My Legislator sends out one about every other month or so. And my City Council member sends one every month. They often have interesting information in them, and I enjoy getting them.

Regarding the list being used, they generally keep their own have a list, that I have to sign up for.

My legislator sent the first one using the precinct caucus attendee list; it said that this was the only time I would get it from that list, but that I had to sign up if I wanted to continue to receive it.

My City Council member mails out a paper copy once a year, it too encourages people to sign up if they want the monthly emailed newsletter.

Oh yea…except it will be your tax bill

A President with a blog? That’s nothing, our Chancellor has a podcast!

(I don’t know anybody who watches it, though, you guys seem to be much more successful in getting people fretting over your politics, even foreigners.)