DO you unbutton your shirt before removing it?

I don’t, and I never thought a moment about it possibly being odd until yesterday. I was wearing a button-down shirt and was changing out of it in the changing room at work. I did what I always do, which is unbutton the top two or three buttons and then pull it over my head. The guy in there with me gave me an odd look and, in the hope that he wasn’t internally ridiculing my physique, I figured he had to be thinking it was strange for me to take off my shirt that way. I put them on the same way, over my head and then button up the top few buttons. Pretty much never button or unbutton a shirt completely. They’re on my hangers partially buttoned up and everything. It makes perfect sense to me; why spend time on buttons when you don’t have to? Saves wear and tear on the buttons and buttonholes…

Am I the only person who shirts and unshirts in this manner?

I completely button and unbutton my shirts. I find your ways strange and frightening and am pretty sure you’ll burn in hell for them.

Or at least be uncomfortably hot in heck

Did you forget to take off your Hello Kitty nipple clamps? That might account for the strange look.

Anyways, I also do the same thing…
…the shirt thing not the nipple clamp thing.

I’ve never heard of that in my life. I just unbutton the whole thing and button it back up if it goes back on a hanger.

I have to unbutton the whole thing. I figure if I do just the top couple of buttons, the shirt will rip - or, worse, buttons will come off.

Buttons? On shirts? I just pull off the t-shirt and toss it in the hamper.


I do the same thing with my scrungy work clothes, undo the cuffs and top two buttons and slide over the head. That’s because of their scrunginess, in the vain hopes that less schmutz will come into contact with me as I disrobe.

For normal shirts I unbutton, haven’t you ever lost a button pulling them off that way? I have, and would rather take the two seconds unbuttoning than sewing one back on.

I’ve never heard of or seen anyone pull a buttoned shirt off by pulling it over his head. As Queen Tonya says, that puts unnecessary stress on the top and bottom buttons.

I do the same thing you do if the shirt is big enough. A couple of shirts I have at home, they’re big and stretchy enough to undo two buttons and pull over my head. But my work uniform, it’s pretty tight, so I have to undo the whole thing to put it on or it won’t fit over me.

I rarely unbutton my shirt. In fact, I don’t ever remember unbuttoning entirely even when I was in school. My mom used to give me exasperated stares, my girlfriend finds it very convenient.
It’s all subjective.


I always used to unbutton them completely, and then a couple years ago I switched to just unbuttoning the top few buttons and pulling it over my head. But it’s not because of hygiene concerns or saving wear and tear on the buttonholes; it’s just that I am that lazy.

I just unbutton the top couple buttons and pull the shirt over my head.

The reason I do it is is the same as jackelope’s reason - laziness - but I find that it also helps the shirts take on fewer wrinkles in the dryer, plus they’re easier to put on a hanger later.

I never undo more than the top two unless it’s not my shirt.

Unbuttoning just a couple of buttons and pulling it over your head is not sexy. It is lazy and not fun to watch. Partially because you need to be careful or you will rip it. Tee shirts being pulled off over the head can be sexy, but not the oh-so-careful unbutton 2 buttons and slide the shirt off without even turning it inside out.

My husband started doing that and I let him know how much I disliked it. If he remembers now he will get my attention and slowly unbutton his shirt as I watch and lust.

I don’t think I’ve ever in my life completely unbuttoned a shirt. Top to or three buttons, then over the head and onto the hanger. I also never lose buttons off shirts unlike, say, jackets. The hole at the top caused by unbuttoning the top buttons just has to be bigger than your head, my theory is, and then there is no stress on the other buttons at all. Think about the size of your head. Your mom sure did.

I have a number of dresses that button all the way downt the front or back. I do not unfasten the buttons. I slip the dress over my head on and off.


I do. I don’t unbutton my pants, though.

Out of pure laziness, I too, unbutton just two buttons and pull the shirt over my head. But I unbutton everything before putting it into the wash