DO you unbutton your shirt before removing it?

Laziness? Gosh, I never though of it as laziness. I don’t even remember what led to my de-shirting in this manner. I suppose it could have been laziness…

Agreed, but I wasn’t trying to be sexy for the guy in the changing room (ew). If I’m with someone I don’t take off my shirt at all. I let him do it for me.

Who are you people? I’m siding with Amp on this one – these things you do with clothes are not natural. I’m as lazy as the next guy, and in fact I revel in some of my lazy habits. But this is just wrong.

(Okay, I’ll give it a try. But I’m not promising anything.)

From what I can gather following extensive research, it’s what most of us call the “floor”. More specifically, a portion of the floor reserved for a pile of dirty clothes.

I keep them permanently buttoned, but I also wear shirts that are slightly oversized.

I don’t unbutton them, but I do unbutton them before they go to the cleaners because I think it is mean to expect the cleaning people to undo my buttons. I’m a pretty skinny guy, so there is no fear of ripping the shirt…

Who are “The Cleaners”? That sounds sinister.

I find it much easier to merely teleport out of my shirt.

I must say that I, as a woman, am amazed at how many guys have weighed in on the side of “just undo the top buttons and pull it over your head”. I, as a rule, only wear button-up shirts as overshirts, and therefore, don’t button them at all. But, pre-AIDS, when it was perfectly acceptable to be a “loose woman”, I watched plenty of guys undress, and not one of them did it this way. My hubby is as lazy as they come, when it comes to household/personal grooming type stuff, but even he doesn’t do this (although I will admit that it may well be because he’s never thought of it).

I started just undoing the top few buttons and pulling the shirt off over my head when a wonderful woman I was with did not want to wait for me to unbutton completely.

I’ve kept doing it that way because I believe laziness is something well worth perfecting. It’s an art I intend to work at for the rest of my days.