Do you want a buttload of BBQ?

Driving home yesterday I heard a radio commercial for a restaraunt called Dave’s BBQ Shack (I think that’s what it is called) who, in the course of the ad, boasted having a Buttload Of BBQ.

They actually said this.

I love good BBQ as much as the next person, but a Buttload Of BBQ kind of turns me off and gets me thinking of greasy, nasty BBQ expediting said load to your butt as it were.

Anyone in the Chicago area heard this? Has anyone tried this place - and is it indeed a “buttload”?

[sub]Is it four buttloads to the shitload or the other way around? I forget.[/sub]

I don’t think anyone wants a buttload of BBQ, but you’re gonna get it anyway once you take that first bite.

That’s the Imperial measure. In metric it’s 10 Assloads to the Explode. 10 Toots to the Assload, of course.

I believe the proper designation for a plurality of BBQ is “a mess of BBQ.”

But the answer to your question is: Yes. Yes I do want a buttload of BBQ. Haven’t had any good BBQ since I was home in KC for Thansgiving.

Don’t know if it’s the same chain, but around these parts (Twin Cities) we’ve got Famous Dave’s, and their servings are, indeed, generous. Most people can stuff themselves, then take the leftovers home for the next day’s meals.

Yes, they may be generous, but is it a buttload?

Ethilrist: You’re right, it’s called Famous Dave’s. And

I could go for a mess of BBQ, but this place is in the Boonies. I’ll stick to Merle’s, thank you.

It’s not bad but you can probably find better locally.

If your near Oak Park or River Forest, Russels’s and Giovanni’s are both better - but for a real treat go to Robinson’s!

If you BBQ pork butt, I guess it would be a BBQ load of butt?

Sure you can have a buttload of BBQ but they’re talking about the meat and the beans. Otherwise it’s like having a bullet but no powder and who wants to go around half cocked? I’m pretty sure that a buttload implies propellant as well.

No, no. After a few hours, you have a shitload.

Mooch I second Merles! I live about 5 minutes from there and I can’t believe how good their chicken, ribs and pork chops are. Their Brunswick Stew is enough to make you weep.

Umm… I’ll just take mine on a plate, thanks.

Is this the Merle’s in Evanston, IL? If so, it’s OK for Chicago que.

In Chicago we only do ribs well.

BBQ?? Outside of North Carolina??


Much less, BBQ? From a chain???


What Reeder said!

(That is, if you were talking about Eastern Carolina Que).

a cut of pork that is commonly BBQ’d is the Boston Butt. the Boston Butt actually comes from the shoulder area of the hog.

MikeG, I’ve only ever had the ribs there (and a bucket of beer). The only thing I ever change up are the sides.

I might have to try this Brunswick Stew sometime.

I also have to get to a Carolina for some real BBQ. A buttload even!

Anybody remember how all the Trapper Keeper folders featured conversion charts for ounces and gallons and meters and such? I think it would be cool to see buttload in there, too.