Do you want to join an Out of the Park Baseball league? Sure you do!

My fantasy baseball league is looking for a new owner.

Out of the Park Baseball is a true baseball simulation. It’s not based on just a few stats. It uses simulated players to compete in a 162 game season. Owners need to sign and trade players, set line ups and pitching staffs, manage five levels of minor leagues, draft amateurs and find international free agents and so forth. It’s the closest game I’ve seen to really having a franchise.

Anyway, we’re looking for one owner right now. Here’s the league’s website:

The team up for grabs in Jersey City. The new owner will get to relocate and rename the franchise at their discretion.

We generally get through three seasons per year on our MWF sims. It keeps the baseball gods happy that we do so over the long, dismal offseason.

Please ask questions or PM me if you wish. I’m glad to answer.