Do you want to wake up the neighbors? He Yelled

1:35 am…Door slams in car, woman is crying with the car window open. Man comes out of condo,

“Shirley, Shirely( I think this was the name , I was groggy)come back inside.”

*NO Go away, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *

Louder…" Do you want to wake up the neighbors? Is that what you want to do?"

I don’t care! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Well I do, I was up by then, looked out the window to make sure everyone was ok. She went back into the condo, slamming the door of the car.

All is well, so now I am awake. I pit thee.

Wow! How did you find the strength to carry on? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry… I dug deep for all the sympathy I could muster. That’s all I got.

And I thought Lucille Ball was dead!

I bet you’re one of those lucky dogs who can drift back to sleep after waking to noise in the middle of the night. :dubious:

I don’t do so bad, thanks. :smiley:
But I did think that if this was the worst thing to happen to eenerms today, they’re gonna do just fine.

How about you, BubbaDog ? How’s your day been so far?

Hmm. I am one of those people that can fall right back asleep and this would still annoy me.

It’s just rude, you know? Keep your damn problems to yourself.

I’m sure all agree that the verbal expression of strong emotions is illogical and should be suppressed, particularly in those cases where the spatial and/or temporal placement of the individual in question is in any way inconvenient for nearby humans.

Note to The Collective: in the future, and in consideratin of your fellow human beings, please restrict sudden outbursts of anger, frustration and despair to the inside of your domicile and only between the approved hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. That is all.

They can come over and stage their drama outside my window if they want. I can’t seem to sleep properly any more as it is.

Anyway, an important question here is, are the dramatics a frequent ritual? If not, I’d cut 'em some slack. If they are, a hurled brick suddenly appearing out of the night might help them focus on something outside their relational problems.

Just kidding on that last bit.

Yeah, because heaven forbid that anyone actually stops and thinks of someone besides themselves and their God-given right to caterwaul at the top of their lungs about personal crap at any hour of the day. Damn you people for sleeping when I’m in pain, right?

Not to mention the hypocrisy of yelling at one’s wife that she’ll wake the neighbors. Or how it just didn’t seem possible for him to walk out of the house and try to continue the argument in a more reasonable tone of voice by standing next to the car, instead of shrieking about it.

I have no wish for people to become emotionless drones - what I’d like them to do is have some fucking sense of decorum and courtesy, and to not only not scream at each other because it might wake the neighbors, but also to not have shrieking arguments simply because the other person is typically a human being who doesn’t deserve that level of disrespect. But I figure quite a few people are too goddamned selfish to even think of anyone else and so I’m probably asking for too much with that.

Damn you, now I’m hearing the OP as spoken by Lucy and Ricky…

To be honest, when I posted my little thing, I was thinking of:

The guy who Sunday morning at 7:30 (don’t you people ever sleep in?) drove by playing bass-thumping rap in the car. The first thing I thought was, is this going to become one of those kinds of neighborhoods? You all know of which I speak.

The guy who every now and then gets in a huge fight with his girl and kicks her out in the middle of the night. No violence, but she goes anyway…and then comes back.

The damn mufflerless Harley people driving at all hours.

Pot should so be legalized. My pot-smoking neighbor never makes a peep except for the one time a stray cat got stuck in the tree outside both of our balconies, in which he spent an hour trying to cajole the poor thing down. And he adopts stray wild cats and takes car of them. The drugs must keep him calm. :smiley:

You know what, I don’t care what your excuse is. Keep it down during normal civilized hours, there are people who have to work the next day. As **Ferret ** **Herder ** said, can’t you resolve your argments in an adult manner?

I could not agree more. Based on personal experience, there is a larger-than-desirable percentage of the human population that are so selfish it’s not likely that they believe other people are even real, much less deserving of courtesy and respect.

However, I think that when you are dealing with very strong feelings of emotional distress like rage or despair, it is sometimes impossible to control your impulses to scream and cry and slam doors and otherwise behave like a two-year-old having a tantrum. In some cases, if you are successful in suppressing and internalizing these reactions, you may end up with some severe physical problems.

I have no way of knowing whether the antagonists depicted in the OP were of the ‘I’m normally courteous and respectful but right now I’m so pissed and upset I just have to vent my feelings no matter what because my whole world is shattering around me’ variety, or the ‘I’m a self-indulgent asshole and I don’t give a shit who I inconvenience in my quest to express myself’ variety. I just wanted to point out that there are different perspectives to see this from.

I know which one I’d stake it all on.

Surprisingly, I don’t. What kind of neighborhood do you mean?