Do you watch movies more than once?

Normally, after I see a movie, I am over it. Don’t care to see it again. But there have been a few that I have seen over and over. Like,

“2001, A Space Odyssey”. Probably have seen it 12 times. Many times on the big screen. Seventy-five percent of it was without dialog. A visual masterpiece!

“Planes, Trains, Automobiles”. Maybe six times. I still laugh each time.

“Oh Brother, Where Art Thou”. Maybe six times. It’s still funny. And the music, wow!

“Matrix”. Probably 5 times. I am a slow learner. Still not sure I understand it.

Do you have movies that you never get tired of?

Groundhog Day. only once a year though.

Sure. Although I’ve never been able to sit through Planes, Trains and Autos…

Godfather all of them, Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Maltese Falcon (Bogart), Ben Hur, Blazing Saddles, Shawshank Redemption, Bull Durham, Airplane … a good movie is worth rewatching over and over. (Casablanca 33 times is my record.)

I watch lots of great films over and over again. I’d list them but their names would surprise no one as they are widely considered to be great movies.

There are also films, however, I rewatch time again that may seem unusual. I fell in love with these films in my childhood, and while they may not be considered great or even good by film lovers in general, I still watch them and enjoy them greatly, perhaps out of a sense of nostalgia, but for other reasons as well. I bet other people do this as well.

All the time. Watching a movie I haven’t seen before is risky because I don’t know if I like it or not

I used to fall asleep watching movies a lot, so I’ve seen several dozens of times. MST3K episodes especially. I’ve seen the first 30 minutes of Final Sacrifice probably a hundred times, and I would sit through the whole thing right now if I had the time.

As far as straight movies, I’ve seen Labyrinth, High Fidelity, Groundhog Day, The Wedding Singer and Glengarry Glen Ross at least a dozen times each, probably more.

Christmas Vacation
Four Christmas’
Saving Private Ryan

Some movies are made to be rewatched, I think. Interstate 60, for example. A lot of the jokes and more serious points it makes work better if you know what’s coming.

It rewards paying attention, and I like that in a movie.

Watched Caddyshack for the eleventy billionth time just the other day. I watch Die Hard every time it’s on TV.

There’s no accounting for taste is there? Lol
“you get a bowl of soup with that hat?”

A Matter of Life and Death
A Canterbury Tale
The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
I Know Where I’m Going
(Yeah, I’m a Powell and Pressburger fan)

The Man Who Would be King
Master and Commander the Far Side of the World
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Yellowbeard (Silly but I love it)
High Spirits (ditto)
Some Like it Hot

I’d better stop there.

Christmas movies, mostly. I’m with the OP on The Matrix; damn thing had me flummoxed for a while. Some movies are just fun, like the Indiana Jones and Star Wars films, or LOTR, and some are just really good like Unforgiven, so are worth at least one more viewing.

There are a bunch of film noir movies I’ve watched many times just in the hope I’ll really understand the plot this time. Never quite do. I think it’s just a trick to make me do that.

The Big Sleep comes to mind, although there a few others.

Anybody else have this problem with old American film noir movies and do that?

I assume the OP is asking about non-porn films…

How can you know for sure? :slight_smile:

There are a bunch of them I can watch over and over again. Just off the top of my head:

LotR trilogy
*Out of Africa
The Piano
Body Heat
The Year of Living Dangerously
Quiz Show

All the time. I used to work in movie theatres. At one point had a single screen theatre. So I watched movies over and over a lot. I like it. I also like to sometimes just listen to a movie. Like a radio play. Some movies are really good this way.

The movie I’ve seen by far the most times is Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The other Python films as well, though less than that one. Of the others, Life of Brian is my favorite.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is also a movie I very much enjoy returning to from time to time, for a more serious choice.

Only a few:

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Jurassic Park
(only the first one, though)
Iron Man (1 and 2)
The Avengers
Sherlock Holmes (1 and 2)
Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Sixth Sense

There are a few I’ve seen a couple of times and a lot that I’ve seen pieces of a lot of times (like when they’re on TV and you turn them on halfway through and finish watching) but those are the ones that I actively go out of my way to watch multiple times.

When I was a kid, it was some sort of a contest of honor to say how many times you saw Star Wars (original release).

I lost. But, I’m not sure if those kids were telling the truth. And if they were… good grief! get a life! Or at least watch Smokey and the Bandit or Capricorn One a time or two.

Star wars
Star Trek
Scar face
Forest Gump
Also, I’m a little embarrassed to admit I just recently finished watching the entire DS9 series for the third time.

There are many, many movies I’ve watched double-digit times, now that we have instant access to any movie, any time. But back in the olden days, the movie I went to the local Bijou Cinema and paid admission to see over and over again was Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

My old man was a movie theater usher way back when he was in high school (1940s). He seated the patrons and watched **Easter Parade **night after night. And guess what he did on his night off–yup, paid to see Easter Parade.

Lots of movies.
I can watch Jaws, Tremors, Serenity, Galaxy Quest, Groundhog Day, Tombstone or The Avengers over and over and never get tired of them.