Movies You've Seen Dozens of Times but are NOT Your Favorites

Inspired by “Your Five Favorite Movies” thread. (I would link but that’s hard on a smart phone, at least for me.)

There are several movies that I have seen multiple times. Heck, some I’ve practically memorized, yet I never include them on any favorites list. I’m not sure why. But if I stumble over them while channel surfing, I’ll stay and watch.

For example:

My Cousin Vinnie: This one is always on somewhere, and I always watch. Always. I like it but I don’t love it.

Long Time Companion: This used to be always on somewhere. It’s about a group of gay friends and lovers dealing with AIDS. There’s a death scene that I always stayed tuned for whenever I ran across it.

Month Python and the Holy Grail: I can quote long stretches of it, word for word. Yet I never list it when asked about favorite movies. I don’t know why.

True Grit I like it enough that I avoided the remake. Again, never comes to mind when asked to list favorites.

Apocalypto: Gruesome and fascinating, but with such laughable flaws I can only shake my head. Typical Mel Gibson stuff.

The Crucible: My favorite Daniel Day-Lewis movie. But never given as a favorite overall.

Anyone with more also fans?

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That last phrase should be also rans, not also fans.

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Return of the Jedi: Part of a legendary series, but just not a good movie.

Temple of Doom: Same as above.

There Will Be Blood: A great movie, one of the best ever made by nearly all accounts, but occupies a bizarre space where it is somehow both “can’t-look-away” fascinating and boring as shit.

Gangs of New York: Chock-full of memorable scenes, but not the best work of anyone involved, and as a whole a great big mess.

Searching for Bobby Fisher - it might be a good movie but I am not a chess player, and have no reason to watch it multiple times but I have.
Children of a Lesser God - I have to watch it when it comes on the see the ba-boomarang-rang-rang scene
Stand and Deliver - Maybe I wished I had a teacher like Edward James Olmos.

I can’t think of many movies I’ve seen even one dozen times. Maybe Wizard of Oz and A Christmas Story because they’re annual favorites on TV.

I have no idea why, but anytime **Twister **comes on I end up watching the entire film.

I’ve probably seen it seven or eight times so far, but I predict I will reach a dozen.

Beetlejuice - I know why I’ve seen it dozens of times. My darling wife will watch it any time it’s on. I still thoroughly enjoy the Harry Belafonte portions, but I grew tired of most of it by the fifth viewing. Really, she can watch any Tim Burton production repeatedly. I’m still delighted when Mars Attacks is on, everything else is my signal for fining something else to do.

The Harry Belafonte parts are the worst parts of the movie. This whole “spontaneously” breaking into (either by lip syncing or a sudden sing-along) a pop or rock classic thing was original exactly once and wasn’t particularly clever even that many times.

Bullitt in my opinion is not a very good movie. But I’ve tuned in close to a dozen times just to watch the chase sequence.

Gone With the Wind. My mom used to drag me to see it any chance she could, she just adored the movie and story. When I was a kid I’d usually get bored and fall asleep at some point. I just never could get into it. Still can’t.

Independence Day – just a terrible movie that I watch every chance I get, and it’s on a lot.

Legally Blonde - It has some cute parts but it’s generally not my type of film. I didn’t, for instance, have any interest in seeing it in the theater. Parts of it are down right annoying - the “bend and snap” scene is just excruciating - yet I always watch it when it’s on, and it’s on a lot.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Dates- Another romcom that I caught on tv one day and, though it loses steam about half way through, Kate Hudson is so freaking adorable when she’s pretending to be the clingy, cloying pita girlfriend that I always figure I’ll just watch the first part and I end up watching the whole thing.

this thread demonstrates my theory on how we get the “new classics” not because there good … its just they get repeated so much that you memorize them …

Man of Steel

A Knights Tale

Men in Black III

The Dark Knight

Big Fish

I’m sure I’ve seen Miracle on 34th street more than a dozen times. And I mean the original version or the colorized original version not the new one that ruined it.

My son watched our Star Wars (original) on video tape almost constantly it seems when he was under 10 so I’m sure I’ve seen all of it dozens of times though I’ve not sat through it dozens of times.

I’m sure I’ve seen Wizard of Oz more than 5 or 6 times all teh way through and very likely I’ve seen it a dozen times.

For the past 3 or 4 years we’ve watched 1776 on the 4th of July. I’ve not seen it dozens of times but probably 6 or more times.

I watch The Sting almost every chance I get, but they don’t show it too often and I don’t have a DVD of that. That one gets my vote for movie I’d most like to forget so I could watch it for the first time again.

When I saw it in the theater I thought it was okay, strong cast, interesting story. But if I’m flipping through the channels, I just have to watch it! Especially through the final game between Mike and Teddy KGB. I know exactly what’s going to happen, I know who will win, but damn it. I have to watch it!

Yeah, what is it about this movie? Stupid, cliche, ridiculous contrivances, over-acting…and I stop at it every time I’m channel surfing.

I watch It’s A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story every year around Christmas. I don’t dislike them but I wouldn’t consider them my top 5 favorite movies.

I don’t see many movies a dozen or dozens of times. I’ve seen Born on the 4th of July and Shawshank Redemption many times when still living with my parents because they are two of my dad’s favorites. Not my favorites whatsoever.

Bright lights, sparkly stuff, explosions, action, etc… it’s eye candy. Meaning nutritionally worthless, may even give you an upset stomach, but it pushes buttons in the more primitive parts of your brain so it gets your attention anyway.

I’ve seen Thor 2 three times in the past couple years and I have come to the conclusion that it is merely adequate. I know this isn’t dozens of times, but it is a lot.