Do you watch The Apprentice?

Check this site out:

The Apprentice Rules

It’s awesome! It discusses the show from a business point of view.

Nope. Donald Trump makes me sick to my stomach, and I refuse to participate in anything that would help bolster his hugely overblown ego.

If anyone starts a similar thread on “The Simple Life,” please repeat the above response, substituting “Paris Hilton” and “her” where appropriate.

It’s the only reality show I watch,* maybe because it’s the only one that I can remotely relate to. That was the attraction – I have a job and co-workers and bosses, and I enjoyed watching the interactions.

I agree with YWalker about Paris Hilton. I’m probably irrational in my hatred of that waste of skin.

But yeah, I liked the first season of The Apprentice and I’m looking forward to watching the new bunch. The website looks like it could be interesting.
*I did watch some Trading Spouses and some of that child talent thing, although there’s not much to relate to there, since I have even less talent than Shane. I do have a spouse, although I wouldn’t trade him – he does all the cooking. :slight_smile: