Do your spitting somewhere else, you low-rent turds

I don’t think anyone’s arguing that it’s impolite to unplug one’s respiratory tract in a restroom when necessary. But what I object to is the method: what’s wrong with a good, healthy nose-blow, or a throat-clearing followed by a spit? Personally, I’ve always been able to get rid of what needs gotten rid of without making noises like a bull moose in rut.

In college, one of my roommates had a cold that lasted all winter long (and that’s a long time in Ohio.) I had to sleep in the same room with him and listen to him loudly hock and swallow every 2 minutes until he fell asleep. By the end of the winter, I was rethinking my position on gun control.

Put the emphasis on “personally”, and I think you’ll get my point.

Do you know if he needed to? Did you ask? Did you even tell him that it bothered you?

Once person might not rip loud, flappy farts in public because it embarrasses him, or because he thinks it’s rude. Another might do just that, because he think it’s perfectly natural, or he just doesn’t care. Neither of these people are wrong.

It’s fine to make judgements based upon your prejudices, so long as you realize that’s all they’re based on.

All I’m sayin’ is if you’re gonna spit, spit in the toilet, not the sink where I have to wash my hands. And flush, please. Thank you.

Carry on.

Are you people for real??? All this whining over spitting icky stuff in a bathroom???
You would all have an anurism if you had attended my brother-in-laws’ funeral. As we sat in the limo waiting for the mourners to line up for the procession to the gravesite, my two charming nephews (aged 17 & 20) take turns rolling down the windows to hawk god only knows what out of their nasal cavities onto the sidewalk of the church.
Did I mention there were over 350 people in attendance? Most of whom approached the limo to give their condolences? Like having a friend/family member/business associate die isn’t bad enough, you have to avoid flying phlem like some sort of WWII flak attack! The performance continued up to the gravesite and intermittantly throughout the service.