Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (open spoilers)

Didn’t see a separate topic yet for this, and I didn’t know where else to put it, so:

Spoilers are already leaking out about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and, as has happened before, it’s toys. I just got an email from Hasbro Pulse (their premium toy line for adult collectors), and in it is an ad for its tie-in action figure line for the movie. It looks like any of their other emails, until I scrolled down and saw the ad, and now I know several of the characters that will be appearing in the movie, including a couple of characters that will be brand new to the MCU. I’m honestly a bit ticked off - there was no way to avoid the information. The characters probably are going to be revealed in a trailer before the release, but still…

There is a trailer for it after Spider-Man No Way Home’s credits, so some of the cast you speak of may have been revealed there too.

I am forever going to sing this movie title to the tune of Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey.

Very much looking forward to this. More Strange, more Wanda, Sam Raimi’s directing skills, and of course the ever-swirling rumors of actors or characters - of which speculation is better off being ignored until the movie is actually released. :smiley:

Anyway, two thoughts. One, if you like multiverse mayhem, do try to see “Everything Everywhere All At Once”, it will definitely give you much food for thought, and is likely more imaginatively “out-there” than what a Marvel movie will deliver. If nothing else, it’ll give you food for thought until May 6th. :slight_smile:

Two, the more relevant one, wouldn’t it be amusing if there was an anime/cartoon reality (no, I can’t imagine what physics could bring it into being), and the What If? was actually “live action OF an animated reality”, and they actually had an animated (not CGI-real, CGI-cartoon) character appear in this Multiverse of Madness.

It won’t happen.
But, what if…?

(feel free to indulge your Roger Rabbit flashbacks here)

More recently, Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse had Spider-Ham and Penni Parker is distinctivly different styles.

Very true! Incidentally I was one of the handful of peeps that squealed when the stinger featured Miguel O’Hara, and it’s so cool that he’ll have a bigger role in the next Spider-Verse movie or two.

ahem. While it can’t be ruled out, I think it’s too bad there’s no sign of Tilda Swinson reprising her role as an Ancient One where circumstances fell out differently. (then again, those alternate realities may well have fallen to Dormammu.

Seen it yesterday (in Europe). Fun movie, it is noticeable that Raimi directed. I like his take on the Marvel style, frankly I’m getting burned out with the usual massive superhero fights but here they were mostly not overdone and appear fresh. The movie ties up a few loose ends while also leaving openings for followup movies (a few explicitly).

Yeah this was fun. Magic battle are usually better than punchy stuff. The cameos were all amazing. Was disappointed we didn’t get the “things just got a little out of hand” line from the trailers.

I just saw it and l liked it a lot - it kind of feels like a bit of a course correction after Eternals. I am a fan of Raimi and I liked his work here. The hyperkenetic camera work and spirit hyjinks are distinctly him but it fits with Dr. Strange.

I was surprised to see Scarlett Witch as the bad guy, on one hand that’s pretty extreme to try to get “your” kids back, on the other hand there is precedence for Scarlett Witch going bad in the comics.


Interesting that they went through all this effort to introduce the Iluminati just to have them job to Scarlet Witch shortly thereafter. I hoped for a post credit reset or some kind of reintroduction to reestablish them. We’ll have to wait - In Feige We Trust.

Bruce Cambell!

Wierd that they said Strange was from Earth 616. 616 was mentioned in Spider-Man but that is supposed to be the main Marvel universe.

I found it amusing that the Illumanti featured two Trek Captains.

It’s interesting how crucial it was to have watched WandaVision to truly understand Wanda’s point of view. And also there were many elements taken from the What If? series - zombies, Captain Carter, evil Doctor Strange and his messed up universe.

Overall it felt like a transitionary storyline, setting up what’s to come. Spider-Man did similar. Presumably the next few movies (Thor, Marvels, Ant-Man, Black Panther) will also be dealing with multiverse fallout.

In the theater now waiting for it to start. First Raimi movie I’ve seen in theater since Spider-Man 3.

That waa insane. Yes, it’s a full Sam Raimi movie. Crazy and wild.

My initial review would be:

A mixed bag, but the highs outweighed the lows and it was actually kind of amazing. Are we going open spoilers? I’ll start closed, but I think we should go open spoilers here.

I did not see coming that:

  1. Wanda is the villain and that she dies in the end. Yikes, they really sunk her character then.

  2. Strange would possess a dead body, use the demon-evil-spirits as his weapons, and full blown fight Wanda like that. This part was crazy and I can’t believe they did it.

I liked the music vs. music battle.

Stay for the final post-credit scene. My theater roared with laughter. It was just a joke, but a good one.

While i havent seen it, ive gleaned enough to note that Phase 4 sure seems to be “Our heroes lives are getting worse and worse.”

As for being a Raimi movie…the Prof X/Witch bit was absolutely so.

I have to wonder if Elfman wanted to branch out and was explicitly told to just rip himself off. Cause what I’ve heard might as well be Beetlejuice 2.

It’s a great score fit into the movie, but I will admit that I and my wife looked at each other and sang “Danny Elfman, Danny Elfman” more than once. Reference below:

Not only weird, but stupid. The MCU is very, very different from the comic 616. The MCU in the past was called 19999.

Can anyone tell me what the native Wanda said to the Evil Wanda at the end? The dialogue was muddy in my theater and I couldn’t understand it.

Know that they will be loved” is what I remember her saying.

Is there a spoiler thread we should be posting these questions and answers?


I vote we get this thread labeled “open spoilers”. Agreed, anyone?

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