WandaVision on Disney +. Open spoilers

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So rebooted.

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I am looking forward to the next episode and have appreciated the insights of some of posters in the previous thread. So far my take is that I don’t know for sure where they are going with this and that that is a good thing. Maybe I’ll be complaining later though!

While several people in the other thread pointed out the similarities between the first episode and the Dick Van Dyke Show, no one (that I noticed) mentioned the ottoman joke that clearly lampshades the intentional mimicry:

In early episodes of DVDS, Dick trips over the ottoman on the way into the living room.

In later episodes, Dick does a little hop around it.

In episode 1 of WandaVision, Vision walks through the ottoman.

It was blatant. Instantly clued us in that we were watching something in the style of a 1960s sitcom.

Well I missed the reference anyway! Been a long time since I watched The Dick Van Dyke Show.

What day of the week do the episodes drop and do we just get one a week here on out?

Fridays, and I’m not sure if we’re getting 2 new episodes a week, or if we got a bonus episode on week one.

One per week. Release 12:01 am PT.

The Dick Van Dyke Show is one of my favorites and I’ve rewatched the entire series within the last 5 years. That’s why I thought is so cool that Dick Van Dyke was a consultant for the show.

From what I understand, the series will really take off with episode 4. I’m expecting a cliffhanger tomorrow night.

I just now found this out.
WandaVision Consultant Dick Van Dyke Had No Idea the MCU Was Such a Huge Success (movieweb.com)

I just watched the second trailer from Disney +: where it shows that it is going to move quite radically from the format up to now. I like it, as someone said in the other thread the normal Marvel superhero movies become boring after a while, and this is a welcome change of pace.

Also, does anyone else find that Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) looks uncannily like Holland Taylor?

As someone who doesn’t watch the Marvel movies (or read the books), is it allowed to enjoy the absurdness of the alien-in-a-sitcom without knowing the sly references from Marvel (what’s that red helicopter? does it matter?)?

I don’t want to be forced to watch the movies, so can I just let it be a silly sitcom like Third Rock-meets-Bewitched? If not, what’s the minimum amount of time I need to spend with Marvel’s properties? Or is it just a waste of time?

I have seen less than half the movies and most of the ones I’ve seen have not featured these characters. Never saw Age of Ultron for example.

I found Madalorian S2 to be too much pandering to the established extended universe big fans and leaving me out. So far this I am enjoying, admittedly with the explanations here from those with deep knowledge helping me do so.

Disney+ now has a show on it called “Marvel Legends” that gives a recap of each character’s story. They have Wanda and Vision episodes. (And I imagine they’ll release more for each new Marvel show coming out).

Now, I know what the little logo on the helicopter means and my wife doesn’t, but I think we’re enjoying it about the same. I think it’s similar to The Mandolorian, that if you don’t know if something is a reference to a movie or comic, you don’t really know you’re missing anything.

I am a fanboy, I’ll admit. I would recommend watching Age of Ultron and Civil War to learn who the characters are.

Others may disagree.


I did not know this. Correcting my recommendation above.

Thanks, Legends is the kind of thing I was looking for. Looking on Disney+ last night all I saw were one-minute trailers for the episodes. I’ll take a look at Legends.

I was also looking for episode 3! I hate the weekly rollout (Netflix spoiled me for the way to watch TV), but understand the rationale to create buzz and watercooler talk while waiting for new episodes.

All you probably need to know is that a witch’s android lover died trying to save the world and this series apparently takes place in an alternate reality created by someone, maybe Wanda.

First the red helicopter, then the red blood, then at the end of the second episode (where the set was more like Bewitched than The Dick Van Dyke Show to my mind) the red on Vision just goes full on Wizard Of Oz and my thought is that her sitcom world of nonreality is having a reality intrusion. I might be wrong (and I know very little of the Marvel universe beyond Jessica Jones and Luke Cage–I’ve seen some of the movies but mostly find them tedious and much too noisy) but that was my analysis of what’s going on.

I hope this is more common going forward. The binge model was fun for a while, but now it’s a hindrance, in my opinion. The SDMB is my virtual watercooler, and it helps make time pass between episodes faster.

I also watch a lot of analysis videos. People much more versed in the lore than I, who have a lot of insight or speculation, adds to my enjoyment. But I guess you have to be a particular kind of fan to even be into that. Most folk probably don’t want an encyclopaedia of obscure and sometimes contradictory facts unloaded on them each week just to understand why the door knocker was a lobster. But if anyone wants to know more, I can point you to a few videos that have deep nerdy discussions about the smallest details.

I think I’ll do what I did with The Mandalorian: watch episodes without getting all the references (hey, it’s less work…). Then later get all fanboy researcher and read up on why stuff happened, and learn about all the references.

It was fun thinking “Hey, cool village with piles of junked robots!”
Then later watching the directors (like Taika and Dallas!) point out one of those: “See, right there! That was the droid from A New Beginning that was back in the shadows of the jawas’ transport, but you can see where a sand person graffiti’ed on it, which brings up an intriguing question…”