Doctor Who Christmas Special 2015

Go watch it. It starts off a bit silly but it’s worth it.

No, I’m not spoiling anything.

I really liked that: a good mix of cheap laughs/bonkersness, great comic acting from Capaldi, and a surprisingly moving payoff.

Great to see River again. And Capaldi was actually fun and pleasant. I hope it’s a sign that his doctor is changing, and next season might be watchable :slight_smile:

It was OK, but I liked last year better.

It got better when she realized he is the Doctor.

I didn’t like last year all that much. It was way too confusing with an unsatisfying and ambiguous ending. All of that wibbly-wobbly mindy-windy thought-fuckery was too much.

I loved this year’s, though.

“I’m going to need a bigger flowchart.”

And when she pulled the fez out of her bag, just about died.

Previous conversation. No pointy stick in the throat but nice closure. A bit cheesy but hey.

Quite fun, but your enjoyment will ultimately be determined by your feelings on River Song. I sincerely hope that’s the last we’ve seen of a dreadful character.

This io9 review {spoilers, natch} by Charlie Jane Anders, who is always worth reading on Doctor Who, sums the episode and the character up very well. For me, the highlight was Capaldi reacting “properly” to the Tardis being bigger on the inside. It was worth the price of admission just for his expressions.

Great episode. It’s wonderful to see a fun and silly adventure with the Doctor and River. Some of the stuff made little sense and it didn’t matter. Watching River and the Doctor at work again was great.

It’s good that we finally see that the Doctor truly loves River. Even she wasn’t sure if he did until the very end.

I didn’t watch the last two seasons. The stories were so grim and depressing. This episode reminded me of how good Doctor Who can be when it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Since I mostly cannot stand River, I was prepared to hate this episode. I actually quite enjoyed it. It was great to see her clueless and needing the Doctor’s help instead of it always being the other way around.