Doctor Who Season 9: I forgot to watch it

New season, new Doctor, meant to keep up and somehow forgot.

Whoo! I was reading the news, ran across an article about the next Doctor Who Christmas special and thought, wait a minute, I can’t remember what happened.

I get to binge watch a season of Doctor Who.

I looooove Missy. I’m on ep 2. Hope she shows up again. She has a clever idea.

It gets a bit weird in a couple of places.

It was a solid season. Peter Capaldi’s run has been really good.

I liked the inclusion of deaf characters in eps 3 & 4. The characters were great. Kinda got confused at the monster of the week and the complicated timey whimey solution. You did this, so I did that, and that and that and that and Time Lord wins!

That is possibly the most redundant statement possible in a Dr. Who thread.

It has been a little weird actually. Not in a cool way. The Zygon Invasion seemed like a clumsy take on terrorism and cultural assimilation and the sandmen made of eye boogers was kinda lame.

Not done with the season yet.