Doctor Who: Flux, Season 13

For the first time in a long, long time, I turned an episode of Who off, until I can get my courage back up.

As soon as she sprouted wings, I turned it off.

So you mean the very end of the episode?

I quite enjoyed this episode. Kevin McNally elevated it considerably.

Nope. When… um… The dark-haired girl - Gloria or Dorothy or whatever - went to the mirror.

Then you really wouldn’t like the “she” that sprouted wings and turned into a Weeping Angel at the end of the episode. (Hint: her name rhymes with “The Groctor.”)

No! Not The Proctor!

Your supposition is accurate. I can’t believe they sold out to that 60-second social media provider, and had them incorporate the Tok-tor into the series.

It just Tik’s me off.

Things I am liking about Flux thus far:

  • The star-crossed lovers
  • John Bishop’s Dan
  • Kevin McNally, because as already noted he’s always good value
  • Some of the special effects

Things I am not liking about Flux thus far:

  • The ongoing drive to ascribe weird powers to Weeping Angels
  • The gratuitous return of Daleks and Cybermen
  • The aliens in camp luchador masks
  • The incoherent nonsense of the plot (“Anything that holds an angel’s image holds an angel. I know - let’s set up CCTV!”)
  • Pretty much everything else

Eh, I think I’m easier to please than most of you. I’ve been enjoying this season quite a bit. Absolutely loved the episode with the Sontarans and Mary Seacole.

Jodie Whitaker is really hitting her stride as the Doctor, even as the script requires her to be frantic and confounded much of the time. I’ll be sorry to see her go, honestly.

Sure, the story here is even more wibbly-wobbly than usual, but that doesn’t worry me. You don’t watch Doctor Who for the scientific accuracy, and you can’t think too hard about the logic. It’s a fun ride, the Angels are suitably creepy and menacing, and (for now at least) I’m trusting that the season will have a satisfying conclusion.

Got to say I agree with you. I’ve been enjoying this a LOT more than the past few MOTW structured seasons. It might be I just prefer long turn story telling, but I think Flux is pretty fun. 🤷


ETA: oh, except for the comedy Indian…

The comedy Indian made me think of some side characters in the Life of Brian, I thought it was a nice hommage/parody. And I have a feeling he may still have a role to play. We’ll see.
For the rest of the Flux I admit being quite confused. Only one episode left, wonder if they will even try to close all the plotlines they have left dangling.

I’m enjoying this season more overall. I’m hoping for a good conclusion.

I like fewer companions and thought Yas was doing well on her own.
I do like Kevin McNally as well.
I also like the lovers storyline.

I agree it’s a hot mess of a storyline.
I think that every time angels show up since the first one, they become less special.
I don’t like the timeless child storyline at all.

Daleks are a battletank, shown to take out squads of cybermen, which can take out squads of beings fighting them. A single Dalek is scary. Two or three are terrifying. More than that, doesn’t matter, really and they don’t even compute anymore. Again, one tank is scary but the tenth tank doesn’t really mean much anymore.

Again, I like it better, I like a single story over a season. I’m only sorry Jodie won’t have a season with RTD.

This isn’t working for me.
I don’t mind the idea of a single story over the season. (I think I prefer single story arc with the occasional one off to this or collection of single episodes, but this is fine.) But I don’t like this story so there’s very little for me.
While I understand that they needed to do something to explain why the Doctor has more than 12 regenerations, I hate pretty much everything about the timeless child idea and I keep hoping they’ll find a way to say it’s all a lie. I really didn’t need it to be the crux of the season.

I don’t think it’s structured well. There’s one hour (give or take) left and they’re just bringing in Stewart and Osgood and a few other late in game revelations, plus they need to do several major resolutions, many of which involve space and/or time travel and there isn’t enough airtime to conclude them satisfactorily. I don’t trust that I’ll look and think “oh, wow” at the end when it all comes together, but rather “the fuck was that?” when it doesn’t.