Doctor Who - Season 11

New teaser trailer out. The link also does all the analysis it can on it:

So far so Google is aware, it doesn’t seem like the release date has been announced yet, but it sounds like August/September is pretty likely.

I like the interview with Whittaker that is included. I’ve only seen her in Broadchurch where “joyfulness and fun” are not key characteristics of anyone’s acting performance. So, seeing her in a happy and optimistic state seems like some indicator of how her Doctor might come across.

Visually, I wish the character looked more outlandishly dressed and I don’t love the two dozen ear rings, but still better than David Tennant or shudder Chris Eccleston, looks wise. Those two were just “some dude in jacket” with the latter being “some failed biker wannabe dude in jacket”. (Obviously, Tennant outshone his wardrobe, once we got to see him in action.)

Anyhoo, looking forward to the new season!

Moffat’s still gone, right?

Moffat is 100% gone. Most of the team is gone. This is Chris Chibnall producing, and he basically changed the entire crew too, even the composer.

Yes, production has been taken over by the writer of Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.

One can only hope that he was forced to do it by Moffat.