Doctors! Swallow safe coagulants?

I woke up with some kind of sore on the back of my tongue (I’m able to reach it with a swab but can’t get a look at it). When I woke up and went the bathroom I hocked a loogie and there was a bit of blood in it. It doesn’t seem to bleed when I leave it alone, but I have a habit of tonguing the back of my throat, so I’m getting really paranoid that this thing isn’t going to heal.

Are there any over-the-counter coagulants that would be safe to swallow that I could swab back there to make it heal faster? Any input would be appreciated.

Hmm… I wonder if the mods have the standard answer (together with whatever keystrokes lock a thread) on a hotkey by now? :rolleyes:

Please contact a qualified medical professional.

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